Filthy toilets create dreadful situation at country’s only international airport


Toilet facility at the country’s only International Airport; Tribhvan International Airport (TIA) is at its worst condition.

Video Courtesy: Jogendra Agrahari

It has been found that the airport authority hastily cleaned some parts of the airport leaving the toilets in the filthy conditions.

Flushes at the toilets weren’t working, toilet commodes/pans were found broken and out of its base, toilets lacked soap, and disposable tea cups and tissue paper were all over the floor.

Frequents travels acknowledge that the toilet of TIA is dirty and smelly and should be ‘avoided until absolutely necessary’.

Photo: Present situation of toilet facility at Tribhuvan International Airport

Beside the facilities of toilets, the drinking water, waiting room and electrical services are at its worst situation. The concerned authorities have not initiated any step for enhancing the facilities at the airport. The passenger waiting terminal can be seen with broken chairs and damaged sittings which have not been repaired or removed since long.

“Cleaning and sanitation should be a continuous process,” an airport official stated.

Last year, Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) initiated one-month long cleaning campaign from June 29 at TIA in collaboration with Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and the airport authority aiming the campaign to promote tourism, present the glory of the country’s only international airport and create awareness about the negative impact of filthy airport on tourists.

However, the authorities from the airport could not continue the process after the completion of the cleaning campaign by NRNA due to which the condition is worse than before.

Perhaps, this airport shows a dirty impression for the travelers of our beautiful country. The ill-fated infrastructures including the lack of resources and no proper management system aid this airport to be listed in the top worst airports in the world. The concern authorities should take an immediate action to resolve the issue.

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