Final Investigation Report Of Air Asia Flight QZ8501

Final Investigation Report Of Air Asia Flight QZ8501

   On 28 Dec, 2014 Air Asia’s A320 flight QZ8501 enroute to Singapore from Indonesia crashed into the Java sea shortly after takeoff. All the 162 passengers including crew members perished away in the tragic incident.

Finally, the investigation team of Indonesian National Transport and Security handed the final report of crash on Tuesday.

It has been reported that the malfunctioning of the system that regulates the aircraft’s rudder movement system due to crack of solder joint was the cause of the crash. While looking at the maintenance record of crashed A320, it has been clearly stated that the technical problems in its rudder movement system had occurred for 23 times within a year. After the evolution of technical failure during the flight, pilots were unable to tackle the situation and entered to stall condition that resulted the tragic crash.

According to the investigators, there was no role of bad weather and turbulence that might have contributed in the crash. Eventually, the cause of crash has been regarded as the pilot error due to the inability of pilots to handle the situation despite technical error.

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