First airplane museum- Capt. Bed Upreti contribution

Nepal is the very first airplane museum   to help tourism in far west locale. The opening of Nepal’s first airplane museum in Dhangadi in the far western piece of the nation, about 500 km from Kathmandu, has pulled in nearby and outside travelers to the quite disregarded district.


Only three months after its opening, the airplane gallery has been all the rage and a huge number of individuals have run to view the diverse little air ship in plain view. In a discussion with Captain Bed Upreti, the museum director, said the Dhangadi historical center is not just the first of its kind in Nepal, additionally in the entire world for having a showcase of downsized models of a wide range of aircraft “We are upbeat that individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds have gone by the visiting museum. This is a help to the district’s tourism and we are glad for our commitment to this part,” Upreti said It was Upreti, a 52-year-old former pilot and a local of Dhangadi, who conceptualized the thought of setting up a flying aircraft museum.

budda  crew

In l986 or almost 30 years back, Upreti began his profession in the Nepalese Army and later as a military and regular citizen pilot. Upreti’s energy for flying has driven him to set up the gallery. The exhibition hall is really the fuselage of a 100-seater flying machine of Cosmic Air, which has officially shut its operation in Nepal. The exhibition hall, which is 35.53 meters in length, contains the air ship cockpit and more than 200 little airplane like Fokker, Avro, Airbus 330, Airbus 380, Boeings and some more. At the museum’s cockpit, visitors can take in the specialized subtle elements of flying. In plain view inside the gallery are almost 60 extended photographs of prevalent tourism destinations in Nepal and from around the globe. The historical center has additionally an eatery that can serve guests amid their visit. There are diverse reproductions or old airplane, including the first plane flown by Wright brothers in 1903. The smaller than normal airplanes were brought from distinctive parts of the world like France, Singapore, China, South Korea and Indonesia.

Photo Courtesy:Capt. Bed Upreti

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