First ATR 72-500 aircraft to join Yeti Airlines very soon

First ATR 72-500 aircraft to join Yeti Airlines very soon

May 2, 2017-KATHMANDU

One of the oldest as well as most renowned domestic flight operators of Nepal, Yeti Airlines, is now on the final stage for welcoming its first ATR 72-500 series aircraft in its history. The ATR 72-500 series aircraft is a twin-engine turboprop short-haul regional airliner manufactured jointly by the French-Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR.

The first ATR 72-500 belonging to Yeti Airlines is targeted to touch down the runway of Tribhuvan International Airport by end of May, 2017. The company aims to add another ATR 72-500 within the next month of the inclusion of its first ATR 72-500.

The addition of two new fleets has been targeted to be in service by mid-2017 which is an enhanced version of ATR 72-500 series aircraft renowned as most fuel efficient and will have 74 seat configurations. Later by mid-2018, the airline plans to add ATR 42-500 aircraft, reported a source from the airlines.

According to the Yeti airlines Media officer, Mr. Sajin Sedhain, noted that the airlines are in a phase of studying the performance and economic viability of the incoming aircraft.

Yeti Airlines will be the third ATR aircraft operator in the country after Buddha Air and Necon Air. Yeti Airlines is a well-established reputed airliner of Nepal established in 1998. The airline currently own seven Jetstream 41s aircraft and serves 10 major destinations of Nepal.


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