First female billionaire of Vietnam from Bikini Airlines

First female billionaire of Vietnam from Bikini Airlines

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              Photo: Vietnamese Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

Sumesh Shrestha – VietJet Air, the only private owned airline company in Vietnam is being viral these days. This airline is popular for a new kind of entertainment it provides to its passengers in flight.

The air hostess of this airline serve their passengers using a dress code ‘bikini’. Yes they wear bikini as their uniform and not do the regular service other air hostess provide but also provide inflight dance performance for its passengers. This strategy of promoting airlines is really being hot around the globe and being effective too. As a result the President and CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, the one who established the airline has been able to build this airline to be the biggest domestic airline company of the Vietnam. The company is to release IPO soon and Ngyuen Thi Phuong Thao has established herself as the first billionaire lady of Vietnam.

This trend of VietJet Air not only has praisers but people also have gone against it. These bikini ladies perform dance in every flight. The dance of this kind was first done in 2012 during the flight from Ho Chi Ming City  to Na Trrang city. The photos and videos went viral that time and the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam responded by charging the airlines bill of US Dollars One Thousand penalty. However this kind of trend still manages to continue saying its a safe operation after the airplane cruises at a certain cruising altitude.

President and CEO Thao thinks this trend of welcoming her passengers is appropriate saying that women should have freedom of wearing anything suitable to them and whatever makes their passenger happy will make her happy too. And accordingly this strategy has led the airlines into success.

Turning the pages of history, VietJet Air is not the first airline to introduce the bikini air hostess. There are some airlines in Thailand, Mexico and United Kingdom where air hostess present themselves in bikini occasionally to promote the airlines.

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