First New Terminal built at Dang Tarigaun Airport

Kathmandu, ANN
The Tarigaun Airport of Dang has completed the construction of first of its terminal building in the Airport. The future of airport that was uncertain before the construction of terminal is now secured as the terminal would facilitate the passengers and airport in its operation. The new terminal building was built at a cost of around NRs. 5.8 Millions and took about 6 months marking its construction prior to the scheduled completion date.

The new terminal building is an enclosed area of 24 meters by 12 meters in which the security check in room, passenger waiting area and rest rooms have been accommodated. This airport has been serving the western part of Dang Deukhuri District in Province No. 5 of western Nepal. The airport is located in Tulsipur, 2 km (1 mi) south of the town center, and 23 km (14 mi) west of Ghorahi, for which it is able to serve the whole district.
Dang Airport started is service in 1955, since which it has only observed irregular flights. There were no any terminal buildings in the airport until now because of which the security check in for the passengers were highly unmanaged and below any standard protocol.

Dang Airport Terminal - Aviation Nepal
Dang Airport Terminal – Aviation Nepal

The locals of Dang are highly anticipating the extension of runway which now is only 750 meters long and black topped. If the runway gets extended, ATR 72 and similar aircraft could land in the airfield which could result a scheduled and regular service to the airport. The regular flight would also help the air fare o drop which now is higher than the airfare of Nepalgunj, the airport which is quite farther than Dang Airport in terms of distance.

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