Fishtail Air immense supports to Chinde hydropower Project

Fishtail Air immense supports to Chinde hydropower Project

After the new policy implemented by ministry of Nepal, Chinde hydropower works has begin in effective way. To make the work more efficient, the Fishtail Helicopter is literally making a great contribution to this project. On Wednesday the fishtail helicopter AS350B3+ (9N-AJI) had reach the Khadbari to support the team of Chinde hydropower project. All the mandatory electricity poles and other equipments were carried from Khadbari to Pakuwa by fishtail helicopter via sling operation and internal cargo. According to the source, Pakuwa is 10nm east from Khadbari.11173443_638463489617009_1913503391_n

According to the  Capt. Niklas Fjellgen and Capt Ranjan Limbu’’ in these two days, 3 internal cargo and 9 slings has been done by fishtail helicopter. In this mission of sling carried out by AS350B3+, each individual sling load is approx 700kgs.


If we see the present scenario of our remote areas there are no other travel medium except Helicopter. If there were no helicopter services such like Fishtail Air and others, we would literally hold back making the development of rural areas. Helicopter services are really making a great contribution in changing the skin of Nepal’s future.

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