Fishtail Air’s Dragon arrives Trivhuvan International Airport

Fishtail Air’s Dragon arrives Trivhuvan International Airport

KATHMANDU, 11 July 2016

To add up an aircraft in fleet of Fishtail Air, an AS350 B3e aircraft that the helicopter company recently purchased from Switzerland arrived Tribhuvan International Airport at Kathmandu today morning. This airbus helicopter was bought from a Swiss helicopter company Heli Linth which has been named as ‘Dragon’ for having a paint of artistic animated dragon in its body.

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This helicopter has been given a call sign of 9N-AJQ and will undergo a paint job of livery once it gets assembled. The Dragon aircraft was dismantled into pieces of fuselage, tail boom and rotors and was transported in a container through road transportation from Calcutta, India to Kathmandu, Nepal. The dismantled parts in the container passed customs of Birgunj in Nepal and entered Kathmandu valley and finally arrived at the airport. The dismantled parts will be reassembled by a team of engineers after and the Dragon aircraft will get a new livery of Fishtail Air.

The aircraft was scheduled to arrive at Kathmandu on 8 of July 2016. It will be soon flying in Nepalese sky. The paper works for registration and obtaining registration number have been accomplished already so the company is looking forward to commence its service soon without delays. After the addition of new H125, the Fishtail Air’s fleet will extend to 3 comprising one Bell206 with registration 9N-AII, AS350 B2 with registration 9N-AKA, and AS350B3e with registration 9N-AJQ. Recently, Simrik Air also added one AS350 B2 helicopter in its fleet.

This recent addition of B3e (H125) helicopter is the first B3e aircraft for Fishtail Air. On March 17, Fishtail Air lost one of its B3 helicopter will call sign 9N-AJI that was under the command of a Swedish pilot who managed to escape the incident with a minor injury during the incident.

It can be seen that there has been a trend of adding fleet in the helicopter operators in Nepal for which Simrik Air also added one AS350 B2 helicopter in its fleet recently.

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