Fishtail ultralight flight to reduce its fair for internal tourists

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Photo: Fishtail ultralight flight

Fishtail ultralight flight to reduce its fair for internal tourists

Pokhara – 10 November 2016

Fishtail Ultralight has reduced its fair for the convenience of internal tourists. The initial cost for the ultralight flight was 8000 rupees for a fifteen minutes tour. According to the manager of Fishtail Ultralight, Mr. Dinesh Bhandari, the cost has been reduced and reached to 6800 rupees.

Likewise, the cost for a thirty minutes tour is 12700 rupees. The cost for flying for that time was 14000 rupees initially.

The price to fly for an hour is 21500 rupees which was 24000 rupees before.

To take an amazing tour for 90 minutes, the price was 31500 rupees which has been reduced to 27000 rupees according to Mr. Bhandari.

For photos and videos, extra 1000 rupees is included for a single flight. The price was 1500 rupees before and 500 rupees has been reduced now as per Mr. Bhandari.

Mr. Bhandari said that the cost has been reduced to promote internal tourism and that since Fishtail launches as much as 32 flights per day, the cost is aimed in providing them better opportunity to enjoy ultralight flights.

The cost for flying is different for international tourists which is quite high in comparison to the price for internal tourists.


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