Five illegal Indian passengers arrested from TIA

The flight of Nepal Airlines ‘RA409’ scheduled to Hong Kong on Tuesday got delayed for one and half hour following illegal boarding of 5 Indian nationals. Those 5 Indians have been arrested from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).

As per the information, 3 of them were arrested immediately after the immigration check whereas remaining two were arrested from the aircraft that was already preparing for taxiing.

Those illegally boarded passengers were present without ‘No Objection Letter’. It is only possible with the coordination from Nepal Police, Immigration Officers and staffs from Nepal Airlines, claims the airport authority.

According to the preliminary investigation, Nepal Police has suspected the 5 Indians to be charged with some criminal act and were trying to reach Hong Kong via Nepal with the support of immigration officers of Nepal.

Once the information was released about the illegal boarding, it was dispatched to the SSP Prem Chand who is the current chief of police for TIA. Nepal Police and other immigration officers arrested those Indians immediately.

Immigration Chief for TIA said, “The officer who approved boarding of the passengers without No Objection Letter will be investigated thoroughly.”

An officer from Immigration Department said, “It is quite easy for travelling to any other country from India and those Indians opted Nepal for their travel which is suspicious.” There is something wrong and wary behind this, he added.

TIA has already received human trafficking case previously as smugglers have been active in transporting passengers to other countries via Nepal.

The Airbus A320 ‘9N-AKX’ departed to Hong Kong at 11:39 AM despite being scheduled at 10:05 AM local time. The flight got delayed for more than an hour which created some chaos at the airport at meantime.

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