Five member committee by Tourism Ministry to submit study report to induct strategic partner for NAC

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Five member committee by Tourism Ministry to submit study report to induct strategic partner for NAC

February 5, 2017- Kathmandu

Tourism Ministry seems concerned to improvise the management of National Flag carrier. Since the management of NAC seemed to be lacking behind tourism ministry has planned to recruit strategic or management partner to uplift NAC’s performance. The ministry has also formed five member committee panels to study about modality for hiring strategic partner.

The five member committee was formed on Thursday. Joint Secretary of Tourism Ministry Mr. Buddhi Sagar Lamichhane leads the committee and is supported by Alok Chandra Shrestha, deputy secretary of tourism minister legal division, Ganesh Bahadur Chand, deputy managing director and Birat Tuladhaar, deputy director of NAC. Under-secretary of tourism ministry Pramod Nepal will be taking the responsibility of being the member secretary of the committee.

Assurance of quality and efficiency has always been the focal point in the criticism of NAC. The current fiscal year budget tends on getting a proper strategic partner for the national flag carrier to improve the quality and efficiency of the airlines with the overall performance and management.

The government had hinted to privatize the airlines since last decade. Tourism ministry had also decided to initiate the airlines management to a foreign strategic partner to rescue it from all the distress.

21 foreign firms including Lufthansa Consulting and Airbus had submitted letters of intent (LoI) to provide world class management consultancy services to NAC on September 2015. The carrier had asked for Lots to improve its overall system performance by inducting a management consultancy service provider in the first phase, and handing over management in the second phase.

Under the proposal, gap analysis will be conducted by NAC to identify shortcomings of carrier. The gap analysis period will last for a month and 295,000 Euros for the service has to be paid by the national flag carrier.

 “We will also review the proposals of Lufthansa Consulting, Airbus and other companies before producing the report,” reported Mr. Pramod Nepal. According to him, it will at least take two weeks for the preparation of the report.

After the arrival of two narrow bodies A320-233 jets the National Flag carrier is now concerned to buy two wide body A330 jets for its fleets with the targeted loan amount of NRs 40 billion.

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