Five tips on how to write a good travel and tourism essay

Essays about travel and tourism are supposed to engage the reader, just like every other essay. Having traveled to different places does not give everyone the experience to write a high-quality travel essay. You need to put these experiences into words that can transport the person reading into the world you are describing. Apart from having travel experience, a travel and tourism essay writer needs excellent research and good writing skills. The best option is to ask an essay writing service to write my essay with best authors. There are also various ways of looking at a topic like tourism through the lens of economics, global politics, culture, and more. Here are the five tips on how to write a good travel and tourism essay.

how to write about travel

1.  Pick a suitable topic.

Like any other essay, you need to pick a topic that falls under the broad category of travel and interests readers. Think like a traveler. What would you want to read if you were looking to plan a trip? What about a particular city that interests you? What stories would you tell your family back home about your trip? Write about the things that make it worth it to spend all that money and travel. The financial aspect of traveling, especially for young students who don’t have a high amount of disposable income to spend, is relevant information. Think about who your readers are and decide what you should write about. Some topics you can write about are:

  • How much will it cost to live in X city?
  • What should be on my itinerary when I visit X?
  • Does X have an excellent public transportation system?
  • Here are five things you need to know about living in X.
  • What are the best hotels in X?
  • Music festivals in X?
  • How far is Y from X, and how can I get there?

2.  Create an outline and a draft

Again, just like with a regular essay on any other topic, a writer of travel and tourism needs to create a rough structure before writing the essay. This is the step right after you are done with your initial research and know what you will write about. Creating a layout for the travel essay before writing helps the writer have a rough idea of the direction it is going to take. Additionally, you can also add essential points to it and create a rough draft that you can polish later. This step makes sure your essay has a clear introduction, body of content, and conclusion.

Readers are attracted to essays with defined outlines, as they know what to look for and do not have to waste a lot of time finding the information they need. Yet, creating a good outline is not such an easy task – professional writers who earn living writing essays for money agree with this. If you are unsure that you can produce a solid outline, outsource this task to a skilled and seasoned specialist. This way, your essay will be well-structured and will likely be received better by your professor.

3.  Narrate a story

What makes travel essays unique is that every trip, expedition, and journey is a story. Traveling is something that a lot of people are passionate about. It is not just a topic that someone wants to get information about, but an experience they are now a part of. You can either tell one story or narrate a bunch of incidents to create a unified story. These can be humorous, adventurous, or just insightful in nature. Making your travel story personal is what will set it apart from other basic travel and tourism essays. Be open and challenge your audience. Make them more and more curious with each line you write. Write in such a way that fully and makes your readers engrossed and like they have been transported to the city you are describing.

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4.  Use visual elements

A key aspect of every good travel and tourism essay is that you have to give the reader a chance to envision the faraway, exotic lands you are talking about. What better way to do this than to include images of the place itself. Travel photography can convey a lot more than a whole essay can when used correctly. You can get your point across more effectively if you use photographs and other visual elements, like bar graphs and pie charts to assist your writing. Instead of writing your travel essay like a report, write it like a story. A well-illustrated, beautifully inked, and wonderfully narrated story. Make your readers feel like they were there with you.

5.  Give it a happy ending.

Everyone likes happy endings. Your travel essay need not be 100% non-fictional. You can borrow elements from your favorite stories and movies to come up with a fantastic climax that gives readers a feeling of euphoria at the end. Make sure that the ending is thrilling and exciting and leaves the reader wanting more. They should be able to sense your excitement or that of the fictional ‘you’ in the travel essay. Give them a taste of what they will experience if they, too, go on an adventure. A good trip is a life-changing event. A traveler sets on a quest while embarking on a journey. Every great travel story has a big, happy ending.

how to write about travel

Traveling is full of unique experiences. They are supposed to teach us a lot of values that we fail to acknowledge and follow when we are at home. It is also a great topic to write about, as it helps you reflect on your own experiences and helps others at the same time. I hope you can use these tips to write the best travel and tourism essay.

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