Five years of Commercial service for the A220 with SWISS

One of the oldest airlines, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), has completed five years of commercial service with the Airbus A220 (formerly known as the Bombardier C Series).

The Airbus A220 has been in service for Swiss Airlines for five years. On July 15, 2016, Swiss Airlines flew the world’s first commercial flight of an Airbus A220-100 registered as HB-JBA from Zurich to Paris. Swiss Air Lines is Switzerland’s flag airline, offering scheduled services throughout Europe and North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.

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Swiss 5th Anniversary A220: Photo from SWISS

The airline was both launching carrier and first operator of the A220, which has been designed and developed from scratch. SWISS thus performed the first commercial flight in the world of an Airbus A220-100 Powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1500G geared turbofans.

Swiss Air Lines took delivery of its 30th new Airbus A220 on May 24. The A220-300 aircraft HB-JCU had flown directly from Airbus Canada’s Montreal Mirabel facility.

SWISS airlines chose the A220 for their only purpose five years ago, and they continue to do so today. They are flying a fleet of about 30 A220 across continents such as Europe and America. Swiss airlines reported higher fuel burn and dispatch dependability than predicted and positive customer and crew feedback. With its lower carbon emission credentials, the airline intends to complete its plan of environmentally friendly planes.

The Airbus A220 also generates 50% less nitrogen oxide and is significantly quieter, which is welcomed by both our passengers and local airport residents. We are pleased to have 30 of these cutting-edge aircraft in our fleet. He went on to say, “The Airbus A220 contributes to one of Europe’s most modern aircraft fleets.” “This will enable us to help with our environmental goals and commitments. Swiss airlines will continue to invest in better technologies and high-end aircraft. For doing that, We need to balance within the parameters which will allow us to sustain both the market advantage and investment capacity.”

Airbus A220-300 fleet in SWISS

There are 21 Airbus A220-300s (seating 145 passengers) and 9 Airbus A220-100s (seating 125 passengers) with the airline. Despite this, the airline has had other aircrafts providing service in the past, such as the Boeing 737, A320, A321, and others, bringing the total number of aircraft in the fleet to 92, including 30 A220s.

30th Delivery of A220 for Swiss airline

The 30th new Airbus A220 was delivered to Swiss International Airlines at Zurich Airport at 21:00 on May 24. The A220-300 HB-JCU had flown straight from Airbus Canada’s Montreal Mirabel facilities.

In a ceremony attended by Davos Mayor Philipp Wilhelm, Destination Davos Klosters CEO Reto Branschi, Swiss CEO Dieter Vranckx, and SWISS pilot and A220 Programme Leader Peter Koch, Swiss’ latest Airbus A220-300, HB-JCU, was formally dubbed “Davos” shortly after its Zurich arrival.

Representatives from Davos were equally thrilled. “Aircraft connect the world’s nations and bring visitors to Switzerland, which is a country of congresses and vacations,” Reto Branschi stated. “One of the world’s most multi-faceted locations, Davos is a byword for holidays, sport, culture, conventions, education, and research.

The aircraft’s arrival marked another milestone in our company’s largest fleet renewal in its history, offering one of Europe’s most advanced aircraft fleets.

This new aircraft type incorporates the most recent advancements in engine systems respecting environmental friendliness. When compared to similar aircraft, fuel consumption is reduced by up to a quarter.

The first SWISS commercial flight from HB-JCU to London is scheduled for May 29.

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