Flair Airlines intends to make its fleet to 50 aircraft in five years

Flair airlines now focus on expanding its inaugural service due to its popularity in this single year; the airline will need to make sure it has enough planes to meet its schedule commitment. The Flair airlines just started with only three Boeing 737-800 aircraft but now has eight new Boeing 737 Max planes. Flair has stated that it intends to massively develop its fleet to 50 aircraft in five years to disrupt the Canadian air travel market, directly competing against Air Canada and WestJet.

Photo from Flair Airlines

Although the COVID-19 epidemic caused a near-collapse in travel demand in 2020, privately controlled Flair has been aggressively expanding this year. The Flair airlines just had three Boeing 737 at the start of the year purchased on the secondary market and have an average age of a little under 11 years. With the registrations C-FFLA, C-FFLC, and C-FFLJ, these older planes have operated with airlines such as Air China, Air Berlin, and Siam Air in Thailand in the past. The three 737-800s have been flying with Flair for two years now.

Flair Airlines, Canada’s only independent and comes with an ultra-low-cost Carrier (ULCC) than any other Planes, started in mid-2019. Flair is expanding to cover 20 locations throughout Canada with an increasing fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft. It always comes to mind for budget-conscious travelers in Canada.

13 brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8

As of January 2021, Flair has also announced the purchase of 13 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Each new aircraft has 186 seats. These planes will be delivered to the airline through a leasing deal with 777 Partners, a Miami-based investment firm that owns a quarter of Flair Airlines. 777 Partners has approved the purchase of 24 additional MAX 8 planes from Boeing directly, with the option of purchasing another 60 jets later.

Stephen Jones, President & CEO of Flair Airlines, commented on the historical order, saying, “Our new, fuel-efficient aircraft will serve as the cornerstone for implementing our ULCC business model. We’ll be able to maintain rates low while increasing our service to satisfy demand with these planes.”

Flair received the first of these MAX jets on May 29th. According to data from Planespotters.net, the nearly two-year-old aircraft had three previous test registrations (N1786B, N1799B, N1782B, and N57001) before receiving its present Canadian letters. Flair then again has received four additional MAX 8s since late May, with three more MAX 8s scheduled to arrive in the coming weeks. While this will increase the airline’s total fleet size to 11, the airline’s January statement that it will accept 13 MAXs means it will start with a fleet of 16.

While most of Flair’s planes are 10-12 years old, Somewhat Flair’s newest jets are between one and two years old. These are planes that were built for a different customer but were canceled along the route. These planes’ age suggests that they were canceled due to the 737 MAX issue, which lasted from March 2019 until early 2021.

Offering new flights to the United States

The airline also has just announced that it will begin flying to the United States. Flair is confident in the MAX’s safety after the FAA and Transport Canada recertified it. Flair will expand its network by serving 26 locations in Canada and the United States by November 2021, thanks to its new destination services to the United States.

According to Stephen Jones, president, and CEO of Flair Airlines, “Canadians have been overpaying for air travel to domestic and US locations for years.” “Flair is here to make sure that Canadians aren’t taken advantage of any longer and that they get low pricing for even more outstanding service. The tickets ensure Canadians can easily travel in winter and spend some well-deserved time away from home exploring sunny new destinations.

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