Flight arc in Phalpu Airport increased

Due to adverse weather, the flights to Tenzing Hillary Airport get diverted resulting the air traffic in Phaplu airport.

Prakash Sharma, chief of Phaplu airport stated that the Lukla flights have been landing in Phaplu airport since 4 days following bad weather in Khumbu.

Currently, Phaplu airport is conducting around 12 to 15 flights, which used to conduct 3-5 regular flights daily.

He said that 12 aircraft landed in Phaplu airport on Wednesday.

Emanath Adhikari, chief officer of Lukla Airport stated that huge snow in the airport during morning time and strong wind in day time has caused problem in flight operations.

Despite of bad weather, 40 flights were operated on Wednesday. As the mountain climbing season has started, many tourists, mountain climbers and materials are being carried in the aircraft.

Phaplu airport play an alternate airport for Lukla airport in such situation.

Phaplu Airport being one of the iconic airstrips of Nepal features vibrant terrains, constantly changing weather and aggressive wind factor jointly inviting harsh circumstances for flight operations.

Flight transportation is much easier and preferable than road transportation to reach Phaplu so, the domestic airlines of Nepal; Nepal Airlines, Tara Air and Goma Air operate their flights to Phaplu Airport.

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