Flight at Humde airport irregular

The only airport in Manang, Humde airport is yet to see regular flight although the airport is ready to commence regular flight.

The airport has already been upgraded and renovated around 7 years ago however, the airport is yet to see regular flight operation.

Local people of Manang have been continuously requested the government to operate Humde airport time and again however, flight operation has still not been started at the airport.

They urged for service saying no aircraft has been in operation although the airport up-gradation has already been done and criticized the government saying that they have not implemented the statement even though they have mentioned in budget statement to operate one airport in one district.

According to local people, government has not shown any effort to operate the airport after spending millions of rupees for enhancement and blacktopping eight years ago. The airport at present is used as a motorbike training center and grazing field.

The airport was upgraded back in 2012-13 at cost of around 90 million rupees with runway being blacktopped and extended from 600 to 900 meter.

Only emergency and chartered flights have been operated rarely. Locals and tourists have to suffer a lot due to the closure of Manang airport.

As per the information, the airlines companies stopped the flights to Manang due to lack of passengers after the construction of road of Besisahar-Chamey and Chamey to Khangsar.

However, the road infrastructure at Manang is also poor so the operation of Humde Airport is beneficial and effective for the locals as well as tourists as Manang is one of the favorite tourist destinations of Nepal. The tourism entrepreneur at the district is sure that the regular service at the Manang airport will lure a maximum number of tourists.

Manang is also the main hub of Annapurna Circuit Trekking route. The locals are facing tough times due to prolonged non-functioning airport and are demanding the airport to resume service as soon as possible.

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