Flight Attendent Of Garuda Sexually Abused.

Flight Attendant Of Garuda Sexually Abused.

A lady flight attendant of national flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia, was reported to be sexually harassed by the passengers during the flight enroute to Yogyakarta from Jakarta on Wednesday.

Today, after the 3 days of the incident, airline official confirmed the incident of sexual harassment onboard the flight but the name of flight attendant involved has been kept confidential.

It has been reported that the incident occurred at the time of serving passengers. One of the passenger asked for the milk to flight attendant immediately, next passenger sitting beside of first passenger replied ” the right or left milk” and they started vulgar conversation and began harassment of the flight attendant.

As soon as the aircraft landed, flight attendant was accompanied by the pilot and flight service manager and the case was handed to aviation security and garuda Indonesia team. Later on, the case was solved without police involvement and apologies from the passengers.

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