Flight finally lands at Kotwada airport

Kalikot Airport-Photo-File
Kalikot Airport-Photo File

Flight finally lands at Kotwada airport

 February 12, 2017-Kathmandu

Flight finally lands at Suntharali airport Kotwada thirty-one years later. The construction phase of Suntharali airport started thirty-one year back from 1986 but the testing flight finally landed yesterday.

Tara Air flight number 9N ABM had landed yesterday at Suntharali airport after the construction of the airport finally complete three decades later.

Senior Captain Santosh Shah of Tara air had landed the testing flight yesterday at around 11 am in the morning. Source had added that captain Santosh Shah along with Tourism Minister Jiwan Bahadur Shahi had visited the Suntharali airport week earlier by a helicopter to trace the location and route way of the airport.

Source had also informed that thousands of locals from the nearby V.D.C had surrounded the airport to watch the (Crow cart) aircraft. Captain and the flight crews were grandly welcome by the locals with their local music and dance performance at the airport.

Locals from Kotwada reported that decade-long civil war and less allocated budget had delayed the construction of the airport for thirty-one years. The locals at Kotwada were worried on the delayed construction process of the airport till last year.

Tara had conducted the testing flight with its Vi King Twin Otter aircraft on Saturday and is now planning to fly commercially to the airport.

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