Flight irregularities in Humla troubles passengers

Dozens of passengers are stranded at Surkhet Airport as passengers of Humla district which is not connected properly by road transport are not getting air tickets.

Peoples who travelled from Humla to Surkhet for their health check-up could not travel back due to irregular flight operation.

Passengers complained that mostly the airlines have been prioritizing in shipping goods rather than passengers and mostly ordinary passenger being deprived of getting tickets due to presence of brokers in the airport.

Passengers have been fed-up with the lack of service motive of the airline operating in the sector and rather focusing on profit. They have also complained about only high class passengers getting air ticket.

Peoples of Humla are in dismay as they are not being able to receive ticket at Surkhet Airport for a long time.

Provincial government has also not made any initiation towards the problem and a local service society from Humla has only put pressure on the airlines and urged them to operate timely flight with ease for every passengers.

Lack of proper land transport facility has made airways as a primary means of transportation to locals and such problems have made it hard for air passengers.

Sita Air commenced its scheduled flights from Simikot airport, Humla on June 29, 2018 in Surkhet-Humla route.

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