Flight operation at Dang Airport becomes inconsistent

The flight operations at Tarigaun Airport, Dang has been disruptive and inconsistent. The test flight at the airport was done more than 6 decades ago and commercial operation was done by National Flag Carrier Nepal Airlines Corporation.

NAC did flight till 2 decades ago but couldn’t operate consistently due to fuel shortage. By late 90s, NAC, Yeti and Sita airlines conducted a flight per week and continued for 6 years. Then the airport was closed for 4 years for blacktopping project and couple of years back Summit Air (previously Goma Air) with the help of Tulshipur Industries and commerce union operated for 9 months but also halted the operation stating lack of passengers. Summit airlines also had started operation but it has been occasional.

Locals of Dang haven’t been able to utilize the blacktopping of the 700 meter runway at an investment of 100 million rupees. Locals have been agitated after the fact that government hasn’t given priority to the airport in current fiscal year budget to upgrade the airport.

Peoples of Dang have to take air service from Nepalgunj airport now. Summit air initially took 7200 NPR for the flight in coordination with Tulsipur sub-metropolitan but stating the increment in air fuel the airlines had increased the price up to 2680 NPR for one way only thus facing decrements in passenger’s movement.

Tulsipur sub-metropolitan head Ghnashyam Pandey have urged the airlines to work according to the contract or else they will be forced to coordinate with other airlines to operate at the airport.

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