Flight operation disrupted at Taksar Airport, Bhojpur

Taksar airport serving Bhojpur has been closed since 1 month. The flights have not been conducted at the airport since August 4, 2018.

The flights have been closed at the airport as Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) announced cancellations of their flights for further 2 weeks. NAC has taken the decision with the reasons that both their Twin Otter DHC-6-300 aircraft are undergoing maintenance.

Due to cancellations of flights, there has been a problem for local people for reaching hospitals immediately for treatment whereas there are no any other fastest means of transportation for people to travel to the capital city for emergency work.

Some patients have been forced to take charter helicopter flights at costly prices whereas some poor people lose their lives due to poor economic conditions. According to the corporation officials, it will still take 2 weeks to complete the maintenance work of the aircraft and till then no flights will be operated.

Previously, the corporation used to conduct 5 flights for Kathmandu-Bhojpur sector per week except on Sunday and Monday whereas 1 flight in a week for Bhojpur-Biratnagar sector.

Bhojpur Airport which started its operation in October 1978 got its runway blacktopped in the year 2017. Bhojpur District, one of the developing districts still lacks good road transportation and airway has always been the major transport medium to local people.

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