Flight operations at Bhairahawa Airport obstructed following problems in VOR

The impairment of the radio navigation station for aircraft, Doppler Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range (DVOR), which provides navigation and distance measurement to the aircraft has halted the flights operating to and from Gautam Buddha Airport at Bhairahawa.

The Airlines providing services at the airport has informed that all the flights have been stopped since ruination of this technology. As per the notice, the Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) has been closed at the airport following the problems in DVOR and is expected to be repaired by 16th July, 2018.

Lack of VOR technology and the rainfall since this Sunday night at Bhairahawa airport has interrupted Bhairahawa- Kathmandu flights. Due to this, at least 10 flights have been cancelled including Buddha Air 2 flights, Yeti Airline 2 along with Shree, Saurya, Simrik and Nepal Airlines.

This DVOR technology produces an angle between the station and the receiver in the aircraft and yield the two measurements needed to produce a navigational “fix” using a chart. And supports in operating landing and take-off of the aircraft as well.

But the regulatory body Civil Aviation Authority has not sent any technician to assemble the instrument till 5th day of its damage. Buddha Air Senior Manager, Darshan Ghimire at Bhairahawa Airport said Civil Aviation Authority at the airport has announced NOTAM this Sunday illustrating 2 weeks for the management of this instrument.

He said it’s embarrassing that the concerned authority has not shown their interest on the damage of VOR instrument at the airport situated on the state capital.

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