Flight Schedule to Tarigaun Airport increased

Tarigaun Airport at Dang which resumed its service from October 8, 2018 with two flights weekly will now operate 3 flights weekly. National flag carrier Nepal Airlines (NAC) will operate all 3 flight.

The corporation which conduct flight every Monday and Friday will now have flights on Wednesday also via Harbin Y-12e. Various officials from local parliament, sub-metropolitan, NAC discussed to operate 3 weekly flights to Tarigaun Airport.

The flights will be scheduled from later half of November stated the officials and also stated that it is feasible to operate daily flights as demanded by the locals in future.

The corporation has allocated air ticket at Rs 5880 to Dang whereas Rs 6070 from Dang. Due to unavailability of fuel depot the flights are being operated through Bhairahawa to fill fuel. Official of Airport operator committee, process to establish a fuel depot has also been arranged.

Dang airport which came into operation in 1954 AD has been irregular in its services. Due to lack of refueling facilities and improper runway, airline operators did not show their interest to operate at Dang.

NAC had flown to airport till 2 decades ago but couldn’t operate consistently due to fuel shortage. By the late 90s, NAC, Yeti and Sita airlines conducted a flight per week and continued for 6 years. Then the airport was closed for 4 years for the blacktopping project.

A couple of years back since May 28, 2015, Summit Air, previously Goma Air operated the flight with the help of Tulshipur Industries and commerce union that continued for 9 months only. Later it was halted due to lack of passengers as stated by the airline. Summit airlines again had resumed operation from January 7, 2017, but it has been occasional and was shut down eventually.

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