Flight synopsis on festival results rapid bookings of flight tickets

Domestic air transport in Nepal is believed to chocked high in the response to approaching main festival of Hindus in Nepal. Bada Dashain causes an intense booking of all flights tickets inbound within country in beginning from the second week of September.

According to the information revealed, all the flights tickets after the Ghatasthapana (September 21), outbound from the countries capital for all the regional airports are expected to be occupied.

The air traffic of Nepal is expected to upsurge following the arrival of festive season along with increasing flow of tourists. Dashain and Tihar, the main festivals of Nepalese people are nearing. The airline companies, authorities and airport management are preparing to serve maximum passengers in the rush hour.

Officials from Yeti Airlines released the information that around 90 % of the total tickets are already occupied. Likewise, Buddha Air said that the airline has already received bookings and all our flights to Tumlingtar during Dashain have already been sold out”. Saurya Airlines, the jet operator in the domestic carrier had also opened booking for the Dashain festival from the third week of August.

Generally, nowadays people choose to travel via airways to avoid the unnecessary circumstances and to save the time. The rapid bookings reflect the travel rush that will bring good impact in the grooming tourism industry of our country. “Booking of air seats is increasing with every passing day. Advance bookings for Biratnagar, Dhangadhi and Bhadrapur are high compared to other destination,” noted officials.

The Normal Fare introduced by the Airlines Association of Nepal and Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal on the regional sector of Nepal for different airlines have been tabulated as follows:

  • KATHMANDU-POKHARA- 4, 700 Rupees
  • KATHMANDU-BHADRAPUR- 8, 676 Rupees
  • KATHMANDU-JANAKPUR- 3, 948 Rupees
  • KATHMANDU-SIMARA- 3,500 Rupees
  • KATHMANDU-BHARATPUR- 3, 453 Rupees
  • KATHMANDU-DHANGADHI- 12, 369 Rupees
  • KATHMANDU-NEPALGUNJ- 9, 369 Rupees
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