Flightradar24, an aircraft tracking platform hit by a cyberattack

Flightradar24, an aircraft tracking website/apps, was hit by several cyberattacks.
Flightradar24’s official message was the 3rd time within two days that perhaps the Flightradar was under attack and initially failed to recover the service.

Regarding the ‘continued assaults’ on platforms tracking traffic in the UK, airports including Birmingham, Heathrow, Manchester, Cardiff, and further afield, the attacks stopped users from getting feeds.

Flightradar24 is indeed a worldwide flight monitoring service that offers users complete knowledge from thousands of flights from around the globe in real-time.
Flightradar24 records 180,000 + planes, traveling in real-time with 1,200+ airlines into or out of 4,000 + airports across the globe. Their system is available accessible online and also for the iOS or Smartphone device.

Why Flightradar24 hacked?

Flightradar24 was hacked from Armenia for more than 10 hours. It was said in a tweet by Flightradar24, whether it happened because of Turkish and Azerbaijani attacks against Armenia. They are now waging a war that began mostly on the 26th of this month towards Armenia. The system has been used to monitor Turkish and Azeri jets by objective analysts.

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