Flights from Los Angeles To Puerto Vallarta, a famous travel destination

Puerto Vallarta is a famous travel destination known for its majestic beauty and warm weather. Whether the travelers are looking for a grand adventure or just a getaway for a last-minute break, the flights from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta offer the perfect refreshing escape from the regular hassles. The Los Angles to Puerto Vallarta trip provides the chance for travelers to create unforgettable magical moments and a budget-friendly travel route without busting the wallet.

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flights from los angeles to puerto vallarta

The convenient, budget-friendly travel plan on an amazing majestic destination, whether one-way, non-stop, or roundtrip, every traveler can find the perfect flight plan with many affordable flights awaiting the wonderful adventures at the beach holiday destination.

Expected American Travelers After Pandemic

The whole world has been in a restrained state, with frequent on-off travel bans, lockdowns, and even curfews; the past two years have been really tough on the people with different restrictions due to the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with the increase in the effectiveness of the vaccination to counter the virus, restraining and keeping it at bay to some level, and cautious safety precautions, the world is slowly taking the form of what it used to be…fresh air of freedom.

Different nations have slowly started to ease the travel bans they had implemented to minimize the effect of the virus. Many countries have opened up their borders to travelers with different requirements and policies; for instance, some countries have compulsory requirements for PCR negative test reports 72 hours before departure, PCR tests at arrival, or a short quarantine period, depending upon the health guidelines of the country.

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After the ease of international travel, the American route Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta is expected to be quite busy and high in demand. The affordable flight fares, easy and comfy travel experience, and captivating beach beauty are speculated to draw a lot of attention. Especially during summer July-September, the airfare and hotel rates are usually the cheapest. The October-December season also has relatively low cost, and tourists start pouring in during November, kick-starting the high season with many popular festivals and events.

Why Is Puerto Vallarta Famous?

Puerto Vallarta is a popular beach and resort town located in Jalisco State of Mexico’s Pacific coast. Known for its spectacular holiday destinations, the town offers some of the most exotic marine life, water sports, and local resorts, making it one of the most loved holiday destinations worldwide.

Here are some of the reasons why the travel destination has become a loved holiday hub for tourists.

All-inclusive Resorts

The all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta that provide efficient and reliable end-to-end guidance to travelers have been the best options for travelers who are visiting the destination for the first time. As all-inclusive resorts offer visitors with itinerary plans and popular tourist attractions, visitors can take it easy and relax by trusting the resorts with all their travel plans. Some of the resorts even provide child-care facilities so both the parents and children can have the time of their life in the world’s most scenic beach beauty destination.

Perfect Family trip Destination

The exotic beach destination is also a perfect family trip hub that lets travelers spend quality time with their families. The quiet and peaceful environment, many exciting things to do together with the family in Puerto Vallarta, and fun warm weather, the beach paradise has it all to turn a family trip into an unforgettable moment. 


The travel destination offers many outdoor activities and adventures; the travelers get so many options that just a single visit becomes insufficient to savor the city’s true beauty. With the relaxing beaches, boat rides, kayaking, parasailing, scuba-diving, or jetski, visitors never run out of things to do in Vallarta. The warm weather with fun water sports doesn’t disappoint the travelers when it comes to having a spectacular, exciting day.

Rich Culture and Festivals

The travel hub itself is the manifestation of the Mexican culture and lifestyle; the city’s elements and landscapes are embedded with the touches that reflect the rich, vibrant Mexican culture. The travelers get a chance to immerse themselves in the depths of the traditions and culture; Puerto hosts local arts, music, cuisine, festivals, and many other cultural events to share the beauty of the local culture with its guests.

Festivals and events like Vallarta Cup;  a race in Banderas Bay, Sayulita Festival; event filled with music, dance, wine, movies, concert, etc., Puerto Vallarta Taco Festival, Punta Mita Beach Festival, Restaurant Week, Navy Day, and many more keep the visitors entertained throughout their stay. 

Cheap Flights

One of the major reasons for the Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta travel trend is the cheap flying fares. The passengers can fly to the exotic destination for as low as $65. Spirit Airlines is offering a one-way ticket at just $65 from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. Similarly, Delta and United airlines are at $102 for the same one-way trip. The price starts from $163 for return flights; Spirit Airlines offers $180 for a roundtrip, whereas Delta is at $231 with AeroMexico and Alaska Airlines, whereas the Frontier operates at $237 for August 2021.

As August is considered a low-season, the average price drop is expected for about 24%, whereas the high-season December is estimated to bring a 27% average increase in the price. Check out Expedia for more details on fares.

Countries Americans Can Travel Internationally Now.

After the easing restriction approach on the travel industry worldwide, the Americans eagers to resume their international travel can fly to a lot of countries. However, the restriction and vaccination requirements may differ from country to country.

In general, the US travelers can visit countries like Afghanistan, Albania, Andorra, Anguilla, Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Haiti, South Korea, and many more with either mandatory full-dose vaccination, PCR test before arrival or short duration quarantines for the non-vaccinated travelers.

Likely, the United States was also added to the EU’s approval list of countries for entry on 18th June 2021. EU had banned US travelers for over 15 months following the adverse effect of the pandemic in the region. Being on the list, the US-vaccinated and unvaccinated residents travelers can enter Europe, but such isn’t the case for all the countries in the EU. Like Hungary, some countries in Europe still don’t allow travelers besides Hungarian citizen entry, and  Finland only allows the vaccinated American entry.

Similarly, US citizens can easily travel to Austria as long as they present a CDC-issued vaccination certificate indicating the vaccination dose received at least 21 days before the arrival at the country. 

flights from los angeles to puerto vallarta

And, Belgium has decided to go with the level of threat determined by the health authorities in the country if the US is deemed ‘green’ or ‘orange’ level at the time, travelers don’t need to present any additional health documentation if the country is marked ‘red’ the citizen will have to present negative PCR report.

Here is the list of European nations and travel requirements for US citizens.

Bulgaria: Fully vaccinated certificate required(two doses) at least 14 days before arrival. Negative PCR test within 72 hours of entering

Croatia: Covid-19 vaccination certificate required, PCR and antigen test taken no more than 48 hours prior to entry

Cyprus: Following color-coded system.

Czech Republic: No health-related entry requirements.

Denmark: Vaccinated and Covid-19 recovered travelers can enter the country with no need to test or quarantine. HOWEVER, unvaccinated US citizens need to present a negative PCR test within 72 hours of boarding.

Estonia: Welcoming US travelers regardless of the vaccination status. Unvaccinated travelers must complete an online health declaration form.

France: US citizens can enter the country with no additional health requirements, but they need to submit a health declaration form.

Germany: US travelers regardless of the vaccination status. Travelers should provide negative PCR reports or proof of recovery.

Greece: Travelers can enter the country without the need for quarantine if they meet requirements set by the Greek government.

Iceland: Negative PCR or antigen test 72hours prior to arrival for vaccinated travelers. Unvaccinated citizens need to test for Covid-19 upon arrival and need quarantine for five days.

Ireland: Proof of vaccination, Covid-19 test requirements, and quarantine for unvaccinated travelers.

Italy: Covid-19 vaccination and negative test result.

Netherlands: US residents can freely enter the country; no vaccine, negative test, or quarantine required. Just need to complete the health declaration.

Poland: Full dose vaccination or 10-day quarantine.

Portugal: No Covid-19 vaccine requirements. Children aged 24 months and younger should provide lab-generated Covid-19 tests.

Romania: Proof of vaccination or 14 days quarantine. Children 3 to 16 must provide a negative PCR test.

Spain: Online Health Control Form, No vaccination certificate, Covid test, or quarantine required.

Sweden: Negative Covid test result. Travelers under 18 with A long-term residency status or visitors with specific requirements can forgo the test.

Switzerland: Fully vaccinated US travelers can enter the country without quarantine or negative Covid test results. Unvaccinated travelers need to present a PCR test within 72 hours of travel or an antigen test within 48 hours of travel.

United Kingdom: Pre-departure Covid-19 test. Vaccinated citizens also need to provide proof of US residency.

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