Flights to open for three countries from this week, what to follow when coming to Nepal

As per the government’s decision, flights from Nepal to three countries have been opened with effect from Tuesday, But CAAN issued a notice yesterday stating that flights still to be suspended.

According to Raj Kumar Chhetri, spokesperson of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, regular two-way flights are open one day a week to China, Turkey, and Qatar.

“Turkish Airlines has already applied for the flight from Thursday. Now Nepal Airlines and Chinese will apply,” he said.

According to the spokesperson, flights will start in all three destinations from this week.

On Thursday, the cabinet meeting decided to resume international flights to Doha, Qatar, Istanbul, Turkey, and one of the destinations in China.

Earlier, Nepal Airlines and Air India have been operating one flight a week between Nepal and India in an air bubble.

In addition, domestic as well as international flights are now suspended.

Regular flights have also been suspended since the last week of April, along with preventive measures in coronavirus control and prevention efforts.

New criteria for Nepali and foreign nationals

The government on Monday issued new standards to manage the movement of Nepali and foreign nationals coming to Nepal without adversely affecting infection control and prevention.

The criteria issued by the Council of Ministers covers issues ranging from transportation to hotel quarantine and home quarantine.

The main points are as follows:

You will be allowed to come to Nepal based on PCR negative reports within the last 72 hours and proof of hotel booking for ten days.

After coming to Nepal, you have to stay in the hotel quarantine for ten days at your own expense.

If there are any symptoms after hotel quarantine, a PCR test should be done, and if the positive report is received, it should be kept in isolation, as mentioned.

People coming from abroad to attend the funeral will be allowed to go to the destination under mandatory home quarantine for at least ten days on the recommendation of the local level.

PCR test should be done on the eleventh day at one’s own expense while staying in the home quarantine

In the case of Nepali workers in foreign employment in the Gulf countries and Malaysia, they will be allowed to stay in the home quarantine for five days after the PCR is negative.

In the case of health workers working abroad, those who have completed or are studying health-related work working hard in work related to covid control, they will be allowed to stay in the accommodation specified by the Ministry of Health for ten days.

The local administration will facilitate the departure of all those who want to go to the destination after completing the quarantine period.

Passengers coming to Nepal through the approved flight can book for quarantine at three-four and five-star hotels registered with the Department of Tourism.

If anyone coming to Nepal is found to have not fully complied with the public health standards, action will be taken as per the COVID-19 Crisis Management Ordinance, 2078 BS.

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