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By any chance, are you making flights with Southwest? Southwest is earning a name for outstanding customer service and low fare flights. With motivated and dedicated human resources, Southwest Airlines operates its base from Airports at Dallas Love Field, Denver, Houston-Hobby, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago-Midway, Oakland, Orlando Phoenix-Sky Harbor. To date, Southwest Airlines fly to 103 destinations in 40 states of the United State and Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Southwest Airlines provides plenty of services to its customers. The best thing is the ticket price is less, and you do not have to pay for carry-on bags, and you can enjoy excellent customer service on the Southwest flight. Southwest Airlines offers you different inflight entertainment services. You can enjoy free movies, on-demand and live TV, and even free messaging. If you are traveling on Wi-Fi equipped aircraft, you can enjoy nearly 20 live channels, including channels for all the age group travelers. The airline serves water and snacks on the flight over 250 miles, when available.

Southwest Airlines recently started its flight to Hawaii in March 2019, since it was new to Hawaii. The first flight to Hawaii southwest has provided travelers quality service with lower fare rates than other Airlines that fly to Hawaii. Southwest operates its flights from four California cities: Oakland, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento to Honolulu, Kahului, Kona, and Lihue of Hawaii. Currently, Southwest operates its flight from Oakland, San Jose, and Sacramento.

Southwest Airlines plans to acquire new Boeing 737 Max aircraft

Flights with Southwest; Cheap flights on Southwest

Since the starting days of Southwest Airlines, the company is well known for its cheap flights. Southwest offers transparent and economic airline tickets to all 103 destinations.

Cheap flight route on Southwest

The cheapest flight fare starts from $39 to $69 on a one-way trip. Flight Routes between Austin and Corpus Christ, Dallas and Little Rock, and Harlingen and San Antonio start from $39 on a one-way trip. Similarly, the flight route between Austin and Oklahoma City, Houston Hobby and Lubbock, and Midland and Tulsa is just $69 on a one-way trip.

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Cheap flight days

The best time to buy tickets is usually Tuesday at 3 pm. on Southwest because the comparison is high on sales prices between airlines. Southwest usually makes its save deals once a week late Monday at 8 pm. 3 domestic airfare distributions each weekday at 10 am, 1 pm, and 8 pm; because of these airfare distributions, the price hit Southwest’s reservation system in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Southwest also offers sale fares as other airlines on some routes with special discounts.

Pre-booking Tickets

Southwest provides it booking between 90 and 180 days in advance; usually, most airlines allow travelers to book tickets 330 days in advance. In contrast, booking tickets in advance allows travelers to benefit from lower prices than real-time booking of tickets. Southwest allows more flexible ticket fares than other major airlines fly in the United States.

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Choose your seat

You can choose your seat on Southwest Airlines. For that, you should hold A-list elite status and should check your seat precisely 24 hours before the departure.

You also have another option of upgrading to an “Early Bird Check-In” that costs a supplementary $15 and assures you an earlier boarding position by automatically checking you in or selecting a business ticket.

Most importantly, you have to book the first flight of the day to get the Southwest’s best seat. Make sure to check in 24 hours before just to avoid getting stuck in the middle position if all the good ones are already occupied.

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Rapid Reward Perks

The Rapid Rewards point program is straightforward and easy to use, and there are no blackout dates on flights; the more expensive ticket you buy, the more points you gain on Rapid Reward points. Southwest’s Rapid Rewards point corresponds to the going cash rate, unlike other significant airlines with distance-based awards. Whenever the cash price is high, the award point is also increased, and when the cash price is low the award point is even less.

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There are some ways to earn Southwest Rapid Rewards Point on southwest Airlines flying to any destinations. If you are a regular customer of Southwest Airlines, you will gain more reward points than a new customer. Not only that, Southwest offers 3 personal and 1 business credit card. In contrast, these cards earn two times points on all the Southwest Airlines purchases, including different inflight services and special vacation packages offered by Airlines. You can also gain bonus points by referring friends and family if you already have a southwest card through the Refer a friend program.

It is not that easy to earn Reward points perk, as you will be obliged to fly at least 100 qualifying segments or gain 110,000 qualifying points by logging in to the Southwest Premier Credit Card and using $1,000 within the first three months of opening your account. You will earn 40,000 qualifying points, which will help you get closer to the requirement providing you access to other benefits.

“Wanna Get Away” fare.

The wants to Get Away fare is specially designed for last-minute changes on the flight to all the destinations of Southwest Airlines. It provides specific benefits to the traveler as airlines offer you two bags fly free, one to two carry-on items, no change fees, free inflight entertainment, and any seat choice.

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Bags fly free

Southwest Airlines offers not one but two free checked bags per traveler, but all the other airlines currently charge for checking a bag. Most of the airlines provide co-branded credit cards that offer free bags. Southwest always flies two bags per traveler; a perk traveler wishes other airlines would offer as well.

No charge for Changing Plan

Looking at current trends, airlines have given trouble to travelers from charging cancellation fees, but not Southwest. When you book a flight in the lowest-tier fare-class, “Wanna Get Away,” you’ll never have to pay extra for a last-minute change or cancellation of the trip altogether. Within five minutes, you call up the airline and let the agent know you’d like to alter your reservation. When you book your flight on cash after cancellation, you will receive a LUV Voucher to be reclaimed on a future flight with the carrier, which is more beneficial than other airlines. If you book an award flight, your Rapid Rewards points will be deposited straight back into your account.

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Live and on-demand TV

Southwest offers you live TV and other visual and audio entertainment equipment along with high-speed Wi-Fi facilities. Recently, other American carriers such as United Airlines, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines have started to offer free entertainment options on flights with new equipped technology. Still, it’s worth noting that Southwest was the first to do so.

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Flights with Southwest are always fun and easy. With low prices and excellent quality services, Southwest airlines never failed to prove its best to its customers. With travel, more than 130 travel destinations Southwest will expand its destinations with more quality services. Southwest is beneficial for all kinds of travelers, especially to those on vacation, because Southwest brings many vacation packages at the time of holidays and vacation, which is cheaper than any other major airline in the United States.

Hope Southwest will always give its best services to its customers like it is giving to date.

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