Flood collected mud hits Biratnagar airport to conduct VFR flights

Biratnagar Airport which has been planning to re start its air operation recovering from the flood will now only be able to operate the flight with Visual Flight Rules. As been reported, the airport’s lighting service has been badly damaged by the flood caused by extreme rainfall.


ATC operator, Dinesh  Koirala, from Biratnagar Airport after the inspection of the airport reported Aviation Nepal that they found the PAPI lights and IFR instruments installed at the airport to be badly damaged by the flood and it is much likely to take them about one month to repair the damaged IFR and Lighting equipment.


Thus the airport won’t be able to conduct flight operation under Instrument Flight Rules until the complete maintenance of the needed equipment. So, the airport which has planned to restart the operation from 19 August will now only be able to conduct flight with Visual Flights Rules.The damaged IFR and lighting equipment have now increased the responsibility of cockpit controller landing and taking off from the Biratnagar Regional Airport.


Previously the airport was hit by a heavy rain causing trouble for the airport as the majority of the airport was submerged by water and rain collected mud. The airport is currently being cleaned to start the halted air operation back on track.


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