Flood delays Blacktopping project of Rajbiraj Airport

 The blacktopping project of Rajbiraj Airport which was expected to be completed by Karthik, 2074 will experience some delays due to the consequences of vibrant flood at Terai. The airport enhancement project is going on for more than seven months but the project was compelled to terminate for some time as the flood at Terai inundated the airport.

The Project Manager for Rajbiraj Airport Er. Ram Iqbal Mahato said, “The base construction of the runway of 1500 meters has already been completed and now we are preparing for the blacktopping of the runway however; we will not be able to initiate it from Bhadra. So, the blacktopping of the runway will begin from Karthik 10; after Chhath festival.”

Mahato also said that currently they were experiencing major setbacks for the smooth operation of the airport project. The roadways of Terai region are badly affected so; the materials required for the project are not easily accessible. Besides, the swampy mud at the airport’s vicinity has not been completely cleared. Moreover, the arriving festive season will completely halt the project.

According to Mahato, the blacktopping project will be completed by Mangshir, 2074 and then the runway marking will be started that could require one week more to complete. After the overall completion, the project committee will request airlines especially, Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines to conduct the test flights at the airport.

The total length of the airport is 1765m out of which 1500m has been allocated for the runway. Likewise, the size of apron is 60 by 90 meters. The airport after the completion can accommodate ATR 72 aircraft also.

Kancharam Rama Dev Joint Venture, the contract for the airport project is building the runway with the allocated budget of Rs303 million. The construction was expected to be completed by Jestha, 2074 but got delayed after the Kancharam Construction Company got another tender to blacktop the runway of Biratnagar Airport and nd now it has been further delayed due to the flood at Terai.

The airport was inaugurated in 1959 A.D. by NC leader Late Ganeshman Singh but it has already been almost four years that the airport is out of operation. Previously, the airport used to conduct Lamidanda-Rajbiraj and Phaplu-Rajbiraj flights.

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