Fly Pro Boeing 747 an irregular approach to Guarulhos airport

A Fly Pro Boeing 747 conducted an irregular approach to Guarulhos airport in Sa Paulo, Brazil, to gain separation from another aircraft, but was forced to land at the last minute to prevent a collision. By that moment, the GOL Boeing 737 was still on the runway. The Boeing 747 was then refueled and fired up to conduct a go-around.

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The incident was captured and quickly uploaded on a YouTube account. The photographs, taken at 7:30 a.m., show a Gol-owned Boeing 737 approaching runway 09R.

Behind the first aircraft, one can see the Boeing 747-200 approaching from the Fly Pro, a charter airline.

Recognizing that the spacing between the aircraft was insufficient, the control tower in Guarulhos enters and repeats the radio frequency, allowing the 747 pilots to take off.

Although the camera angle obscures the second plane’s location, it is believed that it was still on the runway during the final turn.

Following the publication of the footage, Gol issued a statement saying that the move at So Paulo International Airport would have been conducted out in the strictest of safety.

“It is important to emphasize that any need to terminate the approach, commonly known as a dash (executed by the other aircraft), is a normal maneuver in aviation, and all pilots are taught to execute it whenever required,” the firm stated.

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