Fly Via Business Jet Charter Like A Boss

Any kind of business has a department that creates a budget plan to control the operations of its business, and one part of that plan is allocated for travel.

Around 10 percent of the budget is allocated by businesses for travel expenses, while the rest goes to accommodation, advertising, bank fees, business phone line, car rental, commissions, equipment rental, food, insurance, maintenance and repair, membership dues, payroll, petrol, software, subscriptions, utilities, and other expenses.

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Travel like a boss

There are different modalities of air transport, and a business jet charter is one of the most flexible ones, which is why a lot of people choose it over a commercial aircraft.

Contrary to what people believe, flying through private jet charters is now more affordable, hence, the increase in the demand for such flights.

Want to travel like a boss? It’s possible now without spending too much on ticket prices.

All it takes is a stable internet connection to book a charter flight in just a few minutes.

Keep in mind though that jet charters are different from first-class ones, so make sure you’re booking the right one.

Why choose private jet charters?

Choosing this mode of air travel versus the others has a lot of advantages. Here are a few that might just convince you to take that route:

  • Time-efficient. Commercial flights are not very ideal when it comes to saving time because they are scheduled, so you won’t have much time to do other stuff before and after the flight.

There are also security lines, layovers, and the discomfort from crowded airports as well as longer flight hours.

With charter flights, there is no strict schedule that the aircraft needs to follow. They can take off as quickly as 15 minutes after boarding passengers.

Additionally, you can maximize your time at your destination because of a lenient schedule.

Comfort. When you’re flying in a private jet, comfortability is one thing you can be assured of. Unlike commercial flights, you won’t be disturbed by other passengers.

You will be able to enjoy your flight comfortably because of the spacious seating. You can freely recline your seat without worrying about a passenger behind you.

Connecting flights? No need to worry about them because going from point A to point B is an easy feat when your aircraft is not following a strict schedule.

You also get to enjoy traveling through private lounges to avoid the busier terminals.

Privacy. This is one thing you won’t enjoy on a commercial flight, which makes it a big tick why people choose private charter flights. Other noisy passengers, crying babies, people quarreling, too loud conversations, you just can’t do anything about them.

But when you’re traveling on a chartered flight, you get all the privacy you want, especially if you’re flying solo.

If you’re flying with a group, you can still get the privacy you want through your cabin.            

Flexibility. One of the reasons why companies love private jet charters is their ability to make changes as the need arises.

For example, if a company decided to be chartered using a small jet, and then later decided to go with a bigger one because of added passengers, that will not be a problem.

They can also choose the date and time to travel as well as the airport they want to fly to and from.

Private jets are also flexible when it comes to accepting last-minute reservations, and they can accommodate passengers traveling on the same day without added charges.

Upgraded services. When you’re onboard a charter jet flight, the services you receive are far from what you receive on a commercial one. Firstly, as mentioned above, you have your personal space, with a charging station, and also, access to the internet.

In terms of meals, you’re fully in control. You can choose your favorite beverage, you can inform beforehand about your dietary restrictions, and you can make any special request you want.

For fur parents, it is possible to find companies that allow pets during the flight. These companies have special programs that would make your pets feel they’re VIPs too.

Hotel accommodations and car rentals can also be pre-arranged so they’re all available once you arrive.

Fully equipped. When flying commercial, the only equipment you see are the basic ones, such as those for safety, emergency, and evacuation.

Flying chartered, means you get access to the different equipment that is normally seen in an office setting. This is very advantageous if you plan to do some catch-up work while on the air.

You are still being productive even while traveling.

More destinations. Unlike commercial aircraft, private jets have access to a higher number of airports. They have more runaways available for them to land on.

As a passenger, you have numerous airports to choose from, and you have the freedom to pick the closest to your destination without worrying about other aircraft or the capacity of the airport.

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