Flydubai first flight for Israel-UAE landed dubai after agreements

The first-ever flight to the United Arab Emirates transporting Israeli visitors arrived in Dubai’s city-state on Sunday, the current indication of the standardization agreement signed between the two nations.

Air carrier FlyDubai flight No.  FZ8194 arrived Just after 5:40 Dubai International Airport, carrying the travelers after a roughly three-hour ride to the city-studded area. Earlier on Sunday, the low-cost airline dispatched one of its Boeing 737s to Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv to pick up travelers.

The aircraft traveled over Saudi Arabia then across the seas of the Persian Gulf to UAE, where Abu Dhabi is also host to a federation of seven sheikhdoms.

First FLight Dubai-Israel Photo by:

The flight, set up by an Israeli company named Gaya Tours, had Jewish Israelis on board and several Arab Israelis. Many Jewish Israelis were sporting kippah heads wraps.

It was not the first time in the UAE, several of the people on the flight said, but they all stated they were happy to be in Dubai. A variety of businesses looking for an opportunity in the Emirates followed the visitors.

The standardization among Israel and the UAE would certainly offer good stuff to the Arabs within Israel and help them. There is no question about this,’ said Hussein Suleiman, head of the Arab businessmen on board the aircraft. “We embrace this negotiation and normalization, and we remain here together to equalize the fact of normalization.”

The advent of visitors comes as Dubai, in the middle of the current coronavirus pandemic, attempts in general to restore its critical tourism industry. The UAE and Israel have decided to begin daily air travel between their countries in the immediate future, while the company and government representatives have taken out other latest flights.

Later in the month, FlyDubai intends to start its Tel Aviv flights. The airline described Sunday’s operation, before elaborating, as a “commercial charter flight” for incoming visitors.

It falls when Israel and the UAE, which had held clandestine ties for years, took their bilateral partnership into the clear. At a White House ceremony in September, it concluded a standardization arrangement with Israel alongside Bahrain, rendering both the third and fourth Arab countries to have a peace treaty at present.

However, although Egypt and Jordan recently concluded peace agreements, the UAE said it anticipates providing a “hot” peace with Israel. The Emirates also expects that the agreement would boost its plans to acquire the United States’ advanced F-35 fighter jets. The agreements now unite three countries that stay wary of Iran.

However, the negotiations did not resolve the decades-long rivalry between Israel and the Palestinians, who see the alliances as a strike at the backs of their neighboring Arabs and a violation of the Palestinian state’s cause. The transactions, which were seen as President Donald Trump’s international relations victory instead of the Nov. 3 election, are now confronting the current regime of President-elect Joe Biden.

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