FlyDubai receives its 3rd Boeing 737-8 Max from SMBC Aviation Capital

SMBC Aviation Capital, a Dublin-based aircraft leasing company, has announced the delivery of another Boeing 737-8 Max (MSN 60995) to FlyDubai, the government-owned budget airline in Dubai. It is the third of seven Boeing 737-8 Maxs that FlyDubai will receive as a part of the current agreement. The aircraft A6-FMT wes officially delivered at the Boeing facility in Seattle on September 15. The fourth Boeing 737 Max is slated to be delivered next week to FlyDubai, and the rest of the three aircraft will follow the delivery in the fourth quarter, i.e., end of 2021.

The delivery flight of A6-FMT headed off from Seattle to Dublin for refuel and crew change, taking 9 hours. Then, the new aircraft arrived at the home base of FlyDubai with a stopover in Amman, Jordan. The previous two aircraft were delivered with a stopover in Shannon before completing the final journey to Dubai.

The aircraft is powered by two CFM LEAP-1B28 engines. Similar engines are equipped on FlyDubai’s previous two aircraft. FlyDubai took the delivery of its first 737-Max from SMBC Aviation on July 15. Similarly, the second aircraft was delivered on August 10.

On May 25, 2021, SMBC Aviation Capital had concluded an agreement with the US-based aerospace Boeing Corporation to purchase 14 737 Max airplanes following its successful return to the service with extensive fixes after nearly two and half years of grounding worldwide.

FlyDubai’s Boeing 737 Max

The Boeing 737-Max aircraft is one of the most reliable and efficient aircraft in FlyDubai’s fleet, which is considered as a more fuel-efficient plane than the original Next-Generation Boeing 737. FlyDubai offers both business and economy class services in Boeing 737 Max.

Max Business class– Business class features a fully flatbed, and it is tailor-made for FlyDubai to offer unparalleled comfort, spacious privacy, extendable leg-rests, and luxury façade with soft Italian leather, built-in lumbar support, endless entertainment options, and expensive gimmick.

Max economy class-It has a ‘RECARO’ seat offering, with a generous pitch, gentle recline, and bottom cushion along with an 11.6-inch screen to ensure exceptional quality of in-flight entertainment experience.

Both business and economy class services ensure privacy, space, and comfort for the passengers.

About Boeing 737 Max

Boeing 737 Max is an environmentally friendly, super-efficient aircraft evolved at the forefront of advanced technologies such as quiet CFM International LEAP-1B engine, less fuel consumption per seat, large flight deck displays, and advanced winglets. The aircraft delivers high efficiency, reliability, and sophisticated flight options in single-aisle seating configuration.

Exhaustive 20-month reviews to safely return Boeing 737 were finally fruitful after General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) announced to rescind the Max aircraft flights having met all the regulatory requirements by the airlines in April 2021. FlyDubai operates single type with Boeing 737-800s’ to fly to a number of destinations along with the addition of Boeing Next-Generation Max on the fleet. Boeing Sky Interior is one of the unique and relishing features of the Boeing 737 that has a soothing sense of spaciousness, an innovative lighting system, and gently sculpted sidewalls of the aircraft.

Boeing 737 Max has excellent nautical miles, i.e., 3550 nm, which is 600 miles farther than the airplane it replaces. So, the airline has the perk of delivering new and direct passengers routes with this airplane.

About FlyDubai

FyDubai commenced its flight operations in June 2009, and there’s no turning back. It serves an extensive network of more than 90 destinations. Deploying a fleet of 54 aircraft, the low-cost carrier has expanded its destinations across 50 countries. It has now carried more than a 75million passengers by opening up to 70 routes that were not previously accessible directly by air to Dubai. Before the coronavirus pandemic, FlyDubai operated Boeing 737 Max aircraft to more than 90 destinations. Given the rebounding travel sector and resume of 737 Max to the skies over UAE’s airspace, FlyDubai is all set to invite customers for a relaxing, inspiring, and liberating air experience on Boeing 737 Max aircraft, which remains the largest part of the airline’s fleet today.

About SMBC Aviation Capital

SMBC Aviation Capital is a Dublin-based global leader in aircraft leasing, founded in 2001. In 2021, the lessor has positioned its 737 Max portfolio for air market recovery with the purchase of 14 additional 737-8s. With a view to capture domestic travel demand and improve environmental performance for its customers, which include Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, and others, the company capitalizes on Boeing aircraft. The lessor has 85 airline customers in 36 countries owning and leasing 496 aircraft as of March 31, 2021.

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