Flyr, Breeze Airways, Avelo: A look at the startup airlines

We analyze some of the startup airlines (Flyr, Breeze Airways and Avelo) that join the global airline industry in 2021.

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Flyr AS is a new Norway-based budget carrier offering flights between Norway and European destinations. It also provides air services within Norway. Its headquarter is in Oslo and has its operational base at Oslo airport. It is a new start-up airline of Norway founded on August 14, 2020, by Erik G. Brathen, where Tonje Wikstrom Frislid is the CEO. It operates the fleet of 2 Boeing 737-800s for its passenger flights.

Recently, in June 2021, the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway issued Air Operator’s Certificate to this passenger airline. AOC is required for every airline to commence its operation and use aircraft for commercial purposes. With this approval, the airline can now start its air operations and welcome the customers on board. Flyr is planning to fly to 8 destinations which include the European countries of Spain and France.

The airline intends to operate flights to Spain in late August 2021. Similarly, flights to Nice and Bergen are scheduled to begin on August 21 and August 16, 2021, respectively, if everything goes as per plan. Alicante, Malaga, and Nice are the leisure destinations of the Mediterranean region. Flyr will provide easy and responsible air travel services for the passengers to the Norwegian cities and between Norway and leisure destinations of Europe.

The airline uses a digital platform [website and mobile applications] to enable customers to choose flights suited to them, making air travel seamless and easy without any hidden costs and strict rules. Based on a smartphone app, everything from ticket payment to flight schedule change will be done. As a new airline, its goal is to retain their customers to choose their air services. By putting customers at the forefront, the airline seeks to offer memorable customer experiences with better services.

Flyr airline has a female CEO, Tonje Wikstrom Frislid, who is experienced in the aviation industry, and responsible employees, including prominent aviation professionals, hired contract-based Norwegian Crew, who target Norwegian travelers to offer concentrated air routes in high margin market which are adapted to daily life after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company is initially targeting domestic cities of Norway and some popular European destinations. In the future, the company is planning to expand its flight offering to European sectors and gradually driving the demand in Norway and Europe ultimately. The first aircraft of Flyr has the registration number LN-FGA. The aircraft has 189 economy seats and expected to be used for short-haul. The aircraft is eight and half years old, which was previously utilized by Pegasus Airline, a low-cost carrier of Turkey. Flight no FIX 408 commenced its two-hour flight from Oslo to Tromso Airport at 11:30 local time (TOS).

Despite pandemics having a bearing on aviation, the new start-up airline can enter the industry due to Norwegian’s high living standard and country’s geography. Providing no-frill services, Flyr intends to outshine its competitor airlines such as SAS, Norwegian, Wideroe, etc. The Flyr reflects simplicity and a low-cost business model. Without any unions on contract policy, the staff have swiped low-cost Wizz air, on pulling out its domestic routes of Norway. Flyr is expected to slack up the domestic market of Norway.

Breeze Airways- Neeleman’s new U.S. airline

Another new start-up airline is the US-based Breeze Airways. Founded on July 31, 2018, with the commercial operations commenced on May 27, 2021, Breeze Airways has its headquarter in Cottonwood Heights. The objective of being known as ‘World’s Nicest Airline’ intends to provide both first-class and low-cost products as contrasted with the low-cost carrier business model. It aims to deliver a great brand in the industry. The founder and CEO of this new airline is David Neeleman, the previous co-founder of Morris Air, West Jet, JetBlue, and Azul Linhas Aereas. It inaugurated its first flight on May 27, 2021, between Tampa International Airport and Charleston International Airport.

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The new airline got its air operator certificate on May 14, 2021. The airline’s planning to launch the operations was in 2020, which was pushed back due to the cancellation of the acquisition of Compass Airlines. It has a total fleet size of 9, including Embraer E190 (6) and Embraer E195 (3). The airline has ordered 80 Airbus A220-300

The destinations served by Breeze Airways within the 13 states of the U.S.

Some of these destinations’ routes are scheduled to be operated in mid or late July.

Services to be offered by Breeze Airways

  • Entertainment stream through personal electronic gadgets
  • More than one  cabin service class
  • Point to point connectivity between underserved routes across the U.S.
  • Ancillary services not included in ticket fare such as flight meals, snacks, preferential seat assignments, snacks
  • Spacious seats
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Affordable airfare
  • No cancellation fees
  • Customized flight features

Future Plans of Breeze Airways

This new airline has plans to operate long-haul flights to Europe and South America. The airline intends to use Embraer E190 for short-haul, regional flights. The order of Airbus A220-300 has been made by the airline to serve long haul routes which are set to launch in October 2021. This new airline can shake up the U.S. aviation industry. However, the performance of Breeze Airways on the market is yet to be shown in the upcoming days.

‘Surprisingly Low Fare, refreshingly Smooth Travel’ Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines is another American airline operating on the ultra-low-cost business model. Having its headquarter in Houston, Texas, and operation based out of Hollywood Burbank Airport, Avelo airlines targets leisure travelers.

Previously founded as Casino Express Airlines in 1987 and then changing its name to Xtra Airways on December 8, 2005, to reflect its expanded focus, the new airline was announced as ‘Avelo Airlines’ on April 8, 2021. This new airline has received certification from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to commence domestic and international flights.

Avelo Airline undertook its first flight from Hollywood Burbank Airport to Santa Rosa on April 28, 2021. The flight was 2hours, and the flight number was 101. Houston Air Holdings is the parent company of this airline. It has a fleet size of 3 aircraft of Boeing 737s, which can carry 189 passengers. It offers airfare as low as 19 dollars intending to provide convenient air services by flying from smaller airports.

The airline can disrupt the U.S. leisure air markets with such low fares. In the period of 15years, it became the pioneer new mainline airline in the U.S. Targeting price-sensitive passengers; the airline seeks to offer a smooth customer experience to leisure travelers through smaller airports in large markets. Usually, at small airports, the formalities of check-in, security, and parking are easily accessible but fewer amenities. Avelo Airlines provides non-stop point-to-point flights to vacation destinations. Its flight schedule was extended through January 11. By the end of April, the flight served the cities like Sonama, Wanton, and Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport.  

How is the fare kept low by Avelo airlines?

  • Connection free service on currently underserved route networks
  • Focusing seasonal demand routes
  • Smaller and secondary airports to reduce time and save money.

There will not be extra charges for making flight bookings through its call centers. But there will be additional charges for pre-reserved seat selections, check-in bags, priority boarding, transportation of pets, and overhead carry-ons.

Avelo Airlines offer non-stop direct flights from Burbank to West destinations. The cities served by Avelo airlines are:

Phoenix, Eureka, Santa Rosa, Burbank, Redding, Grand Junction, New Haven, Bozeman, Eugene, Medford, Redmond, and Pasco.

Current plan of Avelo

Currently, Avelo is pulling back the services of two cities, i.e., Grand Junction, Colorado, and Bozeman, Montana, on August 16 and August 15, respectively. To match the customer demand, as there is no enough demand on these two cities through autumn and winter, it has decided to reevaluate plans for these destinations to align with when and where the customer wants to go safely and comfortably. The other routes will see a decrease in flight frequencies. The ancillary fees are also raised in addition to the launched cities alignment and a shake-up of its route map.

Future plans of Avelo Airlines

  • Revert to the conventional hub and spoke model
  • Targeting high-end business passengers after the pandemic
  • Add 3 Boeing 737-800s by the end of 2021
  • Wi-Fi facilities onboard
  • Alcoholic beverages for sale in flight
  • Expand to East Coast and new West Coast destinations
  • More choice of destination with low fares
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