Food materials stuck at Phaplu Airport following halt in cargo flights

Due to the problem in Shree Airlines’ cargo  MI17 helicopter, the goods to be transported for upper side of Khumbu area have been stucked in Phaplu Airport since four months.

Karma Sherpa, the cargo staff stated due to the fact that cargo aircraft has not been repaired within time, daily consumables with construction materials have not been send to the Khumbu area.

He also said that though the airline has informed that the aircraft will operate in a few days however, could not predict the exact time. Majority of the materials are required to be sent to Syangboche.

According to the local businessman, Gopal Sunuwar, who has been providing daily consumer goods at Khumbu in the upper part, the material has been stuck in the warehouse from last April.  At the same time, materials in the warehouse are about to meet expiry date.

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