Forbes placed Southwest as America’s best employers

Virus outbreak apart, a Dallas-based carrier may not be a low place to search for a career, Forbes says. A recent report by Forbes and Statista places Southwest Airlines prominent on the U.S. list of top employers with new surveys.

Southwest Airlines climbed 28 places with one year to No. 11, even though the coronavirus took the airline industry to a dead stop in 2020.

To assemble the list released on 16 September, Statista polled 20,000 Americans with fewer than ten years of experience employed with corporations, including at least 1,000 workers. Employees scored their employers on several metrics, including protection at work, the competitiveness of pay, prospects for promotion, the productivity of diversity and incorporation initiatives, and access to communications. Statista also questioned employees how willing they would be to refer their company to others and to appoint employers beyond their sectors. The final ranking contains the 250 workers that have offered the most support.

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As Forbes says, “In a July letter to staff, CEO Gary Kelly wrote, ‘We have little intentions of pursuing furloughs, promotions, changes in salaries or changes in compensation throughout at least the close of this year.’

“At the time of the decision, though, 28 percent of Southwest staff officially had already undertaken voluntary notice of leave or early retirement. “Survey participants to our surveys are likely to recognize the ability to travel the planet, as well as Southwest’s contribution to wealth sharing — which gained workers $667 million in 2019.”

Southwest Airlines

About Southwest Airlines

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines is now the biggest low-cost carrier throughout the country. Southwest offers non-stop services to over 100 cities across ten nations. Unlike several large airlines, Southwest Airlines is not utilizing hubs, but instead a point-to-point network. Approximately 15 airports with a large number of services have been selected as priority cities. The airline’s aircraft are equipped with nothing but an Economy Class cabin. Unlike several low-cost airlines, Southwest does not charge fees for up to 2 checked bags; nonalcoholic beverages and croissants or peanuts are also included on the flight. Quick boarding, instant online check-in, and alcoholic drinks are eligible for purchasing.

Southwest Airlines review

If you’re doing a quick internet search for “Southwest Airlines Ratings,” you’ll find that most of the ratings are good. Southwest consumers enjoy their performance, reliability and standard of service.

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