Four Airports from Far-Western Nepal to be Black Topped

Except Dhangadhi Airport, the entire eight airports located on the Far-Western region of Nepal, currently are out of operation. In order to bring all the airport in operation, the government has prepared a schedule plan for black topping the runway.

According to the government plan, three airports are expected to be black topped this year following the remaining one on the next year.  The Airport located in Baitadi District -Patan Airport, Doti District- Dipayal Airport and Accham District- Sanphebagar Airport will be blacked topped in this fiscal year.

According to the schedule target by Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, the Dipayal Airport located on the Doti District will be blacktopped by the end of Magh this year, Sanphebagar Airport in Accham district by the end of Chaitra and the Patan Airport in Baitadi District by the end of fiscal year Asadh.

Last year in mid-Falgun, the authority had provided the blacktopping the runway of Dipayal Airport on the contractual agreement to Dream Gulawa JVV Construction Company. According to the construction company, around 25 percent of the construction work has been accomplished. The contract was made in Five Crore 74 Lakh Nepalese Rupee.

CAAN’s Chief Engineer for the Project Engineer Balkrishna Regmi stated that the construction work for water pipelines, Proper Drainage system and soil leveling work at the airport premises has been completed. The black topping work of 500 meter runway is expected to be completed by the end of Magh, added Er. Regmi. Only 30 percent of the total construction work on the Sanphebagar Airport has been completed till date but now the construction work will take a speedy move and by the end of Falgun this year all the construction work has been target to be completed.

Project Chief for Sanphebagar Airport Mr. Yogendra Sharma released the information that Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has completed the sewage work; currently the airport is working on the Construction of Drainage and the fragmentation of stone into pebbles. The Sanphebagar Airport will acquire 550 Meter of its runway for being Black topped which is 50 meters more than Dipayal Airport of Doti. Last year, the authority had hand over the construction work of the Sanphebager Airport to Amar Construction on Chaitra with amount of 11 Crore Nepalese Rupee.

The authority had provided the construction of Baitadi’s Patan Airport to Galva Sangrilla Jagadamba Construction and is working to complete the project within the fiscal year. According to the airport construction work Chief Engineer Nalbikram Thapa, the airport will be facilitated with its 580 meters black-topped runway while currently; the soil leveling work and the water pipeline work is going on. Only 10 percent of the total work has been completed due to delay in moving the water line through the airport, said Er. Thapa.

In the same fiscal year, Bajhang Airport has also come within the target for its runway being black topped. The Authority has allocated four Crore of Nepalese rupees for its construction work, but the airport in Darchula Gokuleshwor Airport will not be able to be facilitated its runway for being black topped since, the Bridge of Chameliya River near the airport had arisen the big risk for the airport operation. The aircraft landing and departing through Gokuleshwor Airstrip has been kept in the category of risk factor so, the CAAN’ investigation team is currently studying the feasibility of the airport operation.


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