Four Chinese Aircraft soon to fly in Nepali Skies.

Four Chinese Aircraft soon to fly in Nepali Skies.

April 26, 2016 – Four Airplanes manufactured by China for Nepal Airlines are soon getting delivered in Nepal. The Chinese company informed about the final preparations getting done and soon to be completed. The aircraft finished their production on December 2015 were delayed for delivery as these planes rested on their respective production companies Xian and Harbin waiting for the clearance of delivery from Nepal Government. The Chief Engineer and main designer of the Y-12 airplane informed that they are in the final process of sending the airplanes to Nepal and waiting for the representatives from Nepal. He said, “The Pilots and representatives from Nepal Government already are done with visiting the two companies and the test flight of the aircraft as well as the technical inspection of the aircraft on last December. Therefore, we have notified Nepal Government to make the final arrangements to fly our airplanes to Nepal.”

The two airplanes one of Xian and one of Harbin that were produced for grant to Nepal Government have already been flying in Nepal and the remaining four airplanes, one from Xian and three from Harbin finished their production on December and are parked on their respective ramps of the two companies. The MA 60 aircraft is resting on the Xian Ramp of Avic Aircraft group of Industries and the 3 Y-12 are resting on the ramp of Harbin Company in the city near Russia. The official of these companies informed that 60% of the total payment of the purchase of 4 aircraft i.e. more than an amount of 21 million dollars has already been made to the Chinese companies.

The freshly produced airplanes rest on the ramp with an eye catching view of the Nepal’s national flags livery. They look really attractive and are ready with the printed call signs on them. These aircraft with call signs 9N-AKV, 9N-AKU, 9N-AKT were ordered by in 2014 by the contemporary on the basis of economical loan agreement between Nepal and Chinese government for a reduced rate of interest of 1.5% for the loan for the 7 years of period until when only the interest needs to be paid and the principal would be paid afterwards. Two airplanes among them have already started commercial flying in Nepal since December. Nepal Government needs to pay 35.1 Million dollars for the purchase of the 4 aircraft and more than 60% payment has been made already.

Director of Avic Company Chang Youlong told that it’s been a long after the test flights and inspections were done by the Nepali representative and they have already completed all the production and paper works from their side and hence are waiting for exporting those four remaining aircraft. He added they have also notified the Nepal Government accordingly. Chao Feng Del, the chief pilot of the company who has been flying in Nepal since 2001 told, “It will be best for Nepal to import these aircraft as soon as possible and start doing business instead of making it rest on the ramps of companies due to which both the companies are bearing loss.” He also said that the Y-12 aircraft are suitable for the terrain of Nepal. The representative from Harbin Company informed that these aircraft have been tested and inspected by FAA and are suitable to fly meeting the international standards.

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