Four killed after an Antonov aircraft crashed into the sea

A cargo plane crashed into the sea in Ivory Coast after taking off from the international airport close to Abidjan airport on Saturday. The cargo plane was carrying 10 where four crew members were killed and six were injured.

The four killed crew are identified as Moldovan citizens while four out of six injured are French nationals and remaining two are Moldovans.

The firefighters and rescue divers found two dead bodies resting near the beach and other two bodies were noticed in the wreckage, reported an online media.

 The plane wreckage, broken into pieces, scattered in the shallow water.

The plane crashed at some point in a storm with heavy rain and lightning moreover rescuers were hampered by rough seas.

The airlines’ company was not immediately publicized.

According to local police, “AFP the aircraft had been trying to land when it crashed.”

The plane was a Ukrainian-made Antonov chartered by the French army as part of its anti-jihadist Operation Barkhane, a French military source told AFP.

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