Four killed in a mid-air collision between helicopter and plane

Four people have been confirmed dead after a plane and helicopter met a mid-air collision. The accident happened near Buckinghamshire manor house on 18th November afternoon.

According to Air Accidents Investigation Branch, the collision involved a helicopter and a two-seat Cessna 152 aircraft, each carrying two people, both of the aircraft had taken off from Wycombe Air Park, 23 miles away near High Wycombe.

It is believed that one of the aircraft had been flying for about 15 minutes after taking off at Wycombe Air Park – 20 miles from the crash.

A Wycombe Air Park spokesman said both aircraft came from the airfield. The helicopter and light aircraft flying from an airfield collided in a mid-air where air traffic control had been shut due to “staff shortages”.

Firefighters launched a drone over the fallen wreckage in a desperate search for survivors, helping to direct paramedics to the site as soon as possible, as locals spotted a plume of smoke billowing over the sky.

Emergency services were called to Upper Winchendon, close to Waddesdon Manor, at 12:06 GMT. The crash occurred around half an hour after the latest closure was due to end.

Off-duty firefighter Mitch Missen witnessed the crash from his garden.

“I looked up and saw as both collided in mid-air, followed by a large bang and falling debris,” he said.

“I rushed in to get my car keys and en route called the emergency services, who I continued to give updates as to its whereabouts.

“Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate the actual crash site but directed police, fire and ambulance as best I could. Once they were on the scene, I returned home.”

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