Free helicopter charter service for pregnant and nursing mothers; government to pay expenses

Government has decided to commence free helicopter charter operation for pregnant and nursing mothers residing at high altitude who are in fatal and risky situation. The cost of expenses will be paid by the government to the helicopter companies.

Ministry of women, Children and Senior citizen (MOWSCA) has passed the rescue procedure-2075 by helicopter for pregnant and nursing mother who are at risky situation residing at remote areas. The procedure has also got approval from finance ministry and MOWSCA has also prepared to call for bid from air service provider.

The government has chosen different hospitals at all 7 provinces to provide treatment to the peoples. The government will make recommendation committee that will be constituted of coordinator of local level Village development committee and municipalities who will recommend for helicopter rescue after the patient women and their families apply to them.

The whole service will be under chief coordinator of women empowerment supremacy of the ministry and the committee will have member from Ministry of Home affairs, Ministry of health and population, Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal and Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration.

The ministry has started the program with budget of rupees 600 million and the process of calling for bid and selecting the service provider will be completed within 3 weeks.

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