Fuel depot facility proposed for Gautam Buddha International Airport

Gautam Buddha International Airport project is now processing towards establishing fuel depot after the construction work paced up. For the construction of fuel depot, land acquisition has been proposed at Rs 35 lakh per kattha.

Through tender previously, the corporation had bought land in Bhairahawa-Parasi road area for the construction of fuel storage of 1, 01,193 Kilo liters. The average price of land was 10 lakhs 93 thousands per kattha. However, the investigation was done following irregularity during purchase of land for fuel storage.

As per the information, it has been planned to construct 7 to 10 thousands kiloliters capacity of fuel depot at the airport. For this purpose, the project authority has forwarded agreement with acquisition of 7 bigha land to construct depot near to the airport.

But the corporation has not shown any interest yet saying the project proposal to acquisition amount is very large. Officials from Nepal Oil Corporation stated that the cost of land is very expensive and the land acquisition cannot be done at that price.

It has also been discussed in the corporation’s board concerning the land acquisition and has decided that the land will not be acquired saying that the dispute may arise again. The corporation has suggested that the airport should find the land and the depot should be built in the help of experts.

Similarly, the corporation has requested government authority to search feasible land, build the depot and hand it over to the corporation for the operation. Moreover, the government should allocate appropriate rental amount of the required land infrastructure or provide other alternatives, reports the corporation.

Source: annapurnapost.com
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