Gautam Buddha Airport closed following adverse weather conditions

Gautam Buddha Airport also known as Bhairahawa Airport is currently out of order due to prevailing adverse weather at the region. Dense fog and poor visibility has been disrupting the operation of the airport as it has been completely closed for last 3 days.

The Air Traffic Controller from the airport stated that it was partially operating before Monday but had to be closed completely to minimize risk. The visibility to operate aircraft in the airport is 1600 meter but the weather became barricade for the VFR (Visual Flight Rule) to operate the planes.

Airlines like Buddha, Yeti, Nepal Airlines and Simrik  operate in this airport but have not been able to conduct their flight. This has affected to those who have taken airlines ticket to get to the capital and to people who were seeking emergency treatment.

The prevailing adverse weather conditions at the winter season around the country has been disrupting normal flight operations hence, increasing flight delays. Mostly, the airports at the east and west Terai region are unable to operate normally due to presence of thick fog decreasing the minimum visibility required for the aircraft to land.

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