Gautam Buddha International Airport To Have 60 International Flights

Gautam Buddha International Airport To Have 60 International Flights

27 June, 2016 – The up-gradation of Gautam Buddha Airport to International Airport, near future second alternative to Nation’s current sole international airport TIA, has been forwarded in a rapid way before hit the deadline of 2018.

As reported, by the end of 2033 the Gautam Buddha International Airport would have 60 international flights daily. Soon after the completion of construction, the airport would have 16 daily domestic flights and 6 international flights which would be extended to 60 by the end of 2033.

The airport has aimed to serve 5000 passengers daily in the domestic sector and 2000 passengers daily in international sector after the completion. It has also aimed to handle domestic flights in every 3-3 minutes whereas 3-4 international flights in every one hour, asserted project chief Mr. Om Sharma.

Yearly, 60 lakhs people have been targeted by the airport for the visit to Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha.

The current runway will be converted into taxiway in near future and the airport would have 3km runway capable of handling aircraft like B777, A330, C-17, Il76 easily.


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