Gautam Buddha International Airport, when will it come into operation?

The human resources required for the operation of Gautam Buddha International Airport have been finalized. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has sanctioned 151 posts for the airport, which has reached the final stage. The physical progress of Gautam Buddha International Airport is 98 percent.

Gautam Buddha International Airport

New recruitments of 110 have been proposed for the Gautam Buddha International Airport. Its physical progress has reached 98 percent. Currently, around three hundred workers are deployed at Gautam Buddha International Airport.

CAAN spokesperson Raj Kumar Chettri said that new recruitments of human resources are being approved for the new airport, and construction is in the final stage.

ATC demand for two airports

CAAN opened a vacancy for 34 air traffic controllers a few days ago. According to Chettri, ATC has also been requested for two airports. CAAN had asked for new 196 employees, with 164 open and 32 internal employees.

Flight Calibration

A particular type of Beechcraft aircraft with special avionics will be used for flight calibration. The devices needed for calibration have arrived, and the flight calibration is scheduled after one month.

Discussions are underway with India.

According to the authority, airlines including Sri Lankan Airlines, Myanmar Airways, Qatar Airways, and Fly Dubai have recently shown interest in flying from the airport.

The project is in correspondence with Thai Airways of Thailand and airlines of India, Australia, and other countries for flight operations. But for this airport to come into operation, India will also have to allow air routes.

So far, India has not given the ‘green signal.’ Therefore, the biggest problem is to get the air route permit from India to bring Gautam Buddha Airport into operation even after it is ready.

According to Chettri, CAAN is coordinating with India for this. “There has been a slight touch in India when IFR departures took place. That will have to be negotiated, ‘he said.

In addition, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) approval is yet to be obtained for operating flights from the airport. According to the authority, regular flights will start at the airport after getting approval from India and ICAO. However, the date of completion of all these procedures is not specific.

Similarly, the staffs required for Pokhara Regional International Airport are yet to be approved by the Board of Directors of CAAN.

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