Gautam Buddha Intl’ Airport project expected to be complete within a year


The construction work of Gautam Buddha International Airport (GBIA) in Bhairahawa has taken a momentum after frequent obstructions. Due to the dispute between the Madhes movement, the blockade, the project contractor and the company contractor last year, the project has dropped the Nepalese contractor to the constructional works. Now the Chinese company North West Civil Avenue has hoped that the airport will be completed at the stated time duration, after adding enough manpower to the work.

Late P.M Sushil Koirala had paved the foundation stone of the Gautam Buddha International Airport in Magh 30, 2071   According to Project Chief, Engineer Om Sharma the agreement was made between the two counterparties for the completion of airport project within three years i.e. 2074 but due to different obstacles till date, only 35 % of the construction works have been completed. The Construction work of Gautam Buddha International Airport has now expedited further, due to which the project is expected to complete within a year. “All the difficult construction and other odd works now have been accomplished which shows the completion of project towards positive direction.” stated Sharma.

The construction works like administrative building, electric sub-stations, Security Building have been completed. As well as, the work of the first floor of the International Terminal Building is almost about to complete and the slope of the first floor of the International Terminal Building is expected to complete within a month.

The construction work on the runway has also taken a pace and almost 35 % of the construction work i.e, two feet thick brewery work and soil filing has been completed. Currently, the layering of Sub-base on the 3KM long runway has been started. Only the construction work on the base and tarmac on the runway is left. Similarly, the work of the first floor of fire control room and on the eight floor high airport control tower is going on rapidly, and all the work of all these physical structures will be completed more than 50 % by the upcoming Baishākh, stated Project Chief. Currently there are around 150 to 200 skilled manpower’s working on the construction of the airport project, as per the information from project officials.

The under construction runway will have a height of 1.25 meters, length of 3000 meters and width of 70 meters. 15 meters from each corner of width section will be left out. The 3000 meters long runway will feature 300 meters of clearway and stopway each end for the safe flight operation for which necessary work is going on.

The estimated amount for the project is Rs6.22 billion out of which 18 percent is subsidy from Asian Development Bank (ADB) and 40.5 percent is loan from ADB. 30.5 percent of the total project amount is from OPEK and the remaining 11 percent is the investment from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).


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