GBIA: Airport work was halted due to the inability of foreign technicians

Owing to the inability of foreign technicians to come due to the Corona Pandemic, the installation of equipment at Gautam Buddha International Airport remained halted for eight months. In this initiative, 93 percent of the physical framework has been completed, and machinery installation remains.

The project, which was launched in 2014, was extended until December for the fifth time. Indeed, the project will not be finished by December because the equipment’s completion will take approximately three months. Since international technicians’ arrival is still not clear, the project’s completion period has also become unclear. The project’s Chief Entry Officer said We are making persistent efforts to bring in a foreign workforce to install the required equipment as quickly as possible,” We work with the agencies involved.”We are coordinating with the concerned agencies.”

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Future of Aviation and its demand

According to the official, North West Civil Aviation, a Chinese contractor under ICB One, is planning to put several technicians in by the first week of December. He said that in a day or two, the third stage of covid vaccination in China would begin, and the contractor firm is planning to bring in technicians as soon as the procedure is finished. The devices to be mounted under ICB-1 have almost reached the site. The project suggested that the vital work equipment, such as runway illumination, lift, luggage handling device, should be constructed by 35 technicians.

Although the contractor company has reported that it will bring some technicians by the first week of December, they assumed that work would be done in around three months to build the equipment at ICB One. All the physical structures were ready for it. The deal was taken over by Aero Thai Business of Thailand under ICB Two. Praveen Neupane also said that efforts to introduce international technological ventures to the site are taking place every day.

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