GeminiJets-Father of 1:400 diecast aircraft models

GeminiJets are one of the most reputed brands in 1:400 scale diecast planes, based in Las Vegas. Considering themselves as a father of 1:400 diecast aircraft, they make the model aircraft and produce the liveries. They produce fine-scale airliner models for collectors by collectors. The range of scale diecast airplane model that uses aircraft manufacturer’s blueprints and Pantone color charts represent past and present global airlines.

Gemini also produces quality models, a leader in 1:400 and 1:200 diecast airplane models. These metal replicas are made to ensure duplication and have limited editions. The policy of GeminiJets is not to reissue the previously sold-out collectibles. GeminiJets stand out for the boxes with a flip-top lid, allowing the buyer to view models within. Inside the flap, the aircraft’s basic details and history are listed.

With the aim of accurate duplication of civilian and military aircraft, GeminiJets avails the replicas of people’s favorite aircraft. GeminiJets was established in December 1998. The founder of this diecast model aircraft manufacturer is Elliot Epstein. Airliners Distributing Inc. is the founding enterprise of the product line GeminiJets. ADC has the license to make and market the aircraft of the airlines from different aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, McDonnell, Douglas, Embraer, etc. It has its GeminiJets trademark.

GeminiJets uses diecast metal construction, including wing and tail surfaces. The readymade diecast models are highly detailed in civilian and military versions. These models have realistic model lines, permanently extended metal landing gear, pad-printed markings, and placards. The specialty of GeminiJets is that it is often the benchmark for other 1:400 diecast airplane brands.

Some of the special diecast model aircraft include:

Qantas B787 100th
Boeing 747 Dreamlifter
Thai Royal Barge 777-300
Lufthansa 747-8
Emirates A380
• British Airways B747
• KLM B747

The 1:200 A380 in GeminiJets weighs 3.8lbs; a lot of weight for a model airplane. The landing gear on GeminiJets is more detailed than Darons. GeminiJets are ideal for collections and looks as they are stored on shelves, glass cabinets, and airport displays. The wheels of model aircraft are more durable and act like real landing gear. GeminiJets aircraft are more detailed in size. They are all 1:400 scales and 1:200scales. The planes are also bigger than the cars they manufacture. GeminiJets released a new interactive series of model aircraft in 2019. They are:

• The Atlas Air 747-8F
• The Polar Air Cargo 747-8F
• An Air Bridge Cargo 747-8F and
• The cargo 747-8F in 1/400 scale

They have a myriad of various pieces and are interactive.

GeminiJets model production

Although headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, the diecast aircraft model of GeminiJets precision is manufactured in China and released every five weeks worldwide. As a distributor and wholesaler of high-quality diecast airplane models, it serves collectors and researchers interested in models that airlines around the world permit for publicity.

GeminiJets products

GeminiJets entered into the model airplane manufacturing field with its first product ‘Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 model. Once they made their presence known in 1998, there was no turning back. The product lines marketed by GeminiJets are as follows:

1. GeminiJets 1:400

GeminiJets 1:400 is concerned with manufacturing commercial aircraft and accessories on a 1:400 scale. Under GeminiJets 1:400, several aircraft models are made available, which include those of Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Douglas, etc. They are as follows:

• Airbus A220
• Airbus A320
• Airbus A320neo
• Airbus A321
• Airbus A321neo
• Airbus A330
• Airbus A340
• Airbus A350
• Airbus A380
• Antonov 124
• Boeing 707
• Boeing 737
• Boeing 737 MAX
• Boeing 747
• Boeing 757
• Boeing 767
• Boeing 777
• Boeing 787 Dreamliner
• Bombardier CRJ
• British Aerospace BAC 111
• Convair 580
• Convair 990
• Douglas DC-6
• Douglas DC-8
• Embraer 195
• Hawker-Siddeley Trident
• Ilyushin IL-62
• Lockheed L-100 Hercules
• McDonnell Douglas MD-11
• McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Series
• NAMC YS-11
• Saab 340

    Customers can purchase these GeminiJets 1:400 products with PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, etc. These quality metal 1/400 scale models are limited to be available. Customers can search GeminiJets 1:400 scale diecast airplanes through the options of aircraft, airlines, and manufacturers. More than 2200 + 1:400 model varieties are made by GeminiJets now. Without GeminiJets, the 1:400 scale wouldn’t have got wide range popularity.

    2. GeminiMACS 1:400

    The next product line of GeminiJets is GeminiMACS 1:400  Die-cast Military Planes. Just like GeminiJets 1:400, GeminiJets Military aircraft models are made on a scale of 1:400 and represent both past and present military airplanes flown by the airlines. They blend perfectly with the Accessories and Airport of GeminiJets.

    Currently, the following GeminiMACS 1:400 models are available:

    • GeminiMACS 1:400 Indian Air Force C-17 Globemaster III
    • GeminiMACS 1:400 JASDF C-130
    • GeminiMACS 1:400 JASDF Boeing 777-300ER
    • GeminiMACS 1:400 Pakistan Air Force Trident 1E
    • GeminiMACS 1:400 Royal Air Force Lockheed C-130J Hercules
    • GeminiMACS 1:400 U.S. Air Force Boeing E-4B

    Gemini produces military aircraft replicas of the following operators:

    French Air Force, Indian Air Force, Japan Air Self Defense Force (JASDF), Luftwaffe/ German Air Force, NATO/ Netherlands Air Force, Pakistan Air Force, Royal Air Force (RAF), U.S. Air Force, and Royal Australia Air Force.

    These models include the true legend aircraft, which has been a reliable interceptor for years, while some are modern and futuristically built. Building a modern military aircraft is very challenging to set in miniature format. GeminiMACS 1:400s are first-class manufactured, and many models have precise details closer to the original military planes. Modern military aircraft models manually activate the cockpit, landing gears, elevators, swivels, propellers, etc. Various models, including new types of fighter jets, are made to suit advanced hobbyists and professionals.

    3. Gemini250

    Gemini250 is a commercial aircraft model which is available on a 1:250 scale. Featuring diecast metal construction, Gemini250 had a retracting landing gear with a rolling rubber tier. It is the only product line of GeminiJets that has retractable landing gear. A 1/250 scale diecast metal Chrome Stand Gemini250 is no longer in production. However, some of these models had highly detailed paintwork, detailed interior and exterior, and rotating wheels with real rubber tires, etc.

    4. Gemini200

    Gemini200 range includes the diecast models of both civilian and military aircraft and accessories at 1:200 scale. GeminiJets are one of the first to expand its model into ground service equipment. They first released the set GSAP5001 scaled 1:400 in 1999. Gemini200 also includes airport service vehicles, airport service equipment, along with aircraft. One can sort out the Gemini200 models by aircraft type, airline, and ground service equipment.

    Some of the Gemini200 models available now are:

    Gemini200 American Airlines A330-200
    • Gemini200 Allegiant Airlines A320-200
    • Gemini200 Allegiant Airlines 757-200
    • Gemini200 Airport Service Vehicles
    • Gemini200 Airport Service Equipment etc.

      5. GeminiSelect 1:400

      The other product line of GeminiJets is GeminiSelect 1:400. The company produced civilian commercial aircraft models in the 1:400 scale range in limited numbers. Currently, this product line isn’t available. Some aircraft models made are GeminiSelect (SIGSPOC012) SKYWORLD 707-320C, Eastern Airlines N8866E Boeing 727-200 diecast model 1:400 scale, etc.

      6. GeminiACES 1:72

      GeminiACES 1:72 product of Gemini features military fighter planes having movable metal propellers and up/down landing gear options, with each plane coming with its metal stand. Examples include U.S. Army Air Force MK.IX Spitfire (1:72), Cessna 172L Skyhawk N926MN, Cessna 172R Skyhawk N2386V. These models in 1/72 scale have detailed cockpit interiors, select movable control surfaces and optimally added extended landing gears. These are the World War II aircraft that are discontinued at present.

      6. Gemini Plastics Premiere

      These models were manufactured from the use of plastics. These readymade replicas represent civilian aircraft on a 1:200 scale. In the ‘Plastic Premiere’ display, the airplanes use molded plastic constructs with some snap-fit assembly needed at an affordable price. Though a plastic model, it is highly detailed, like the diecast version, and was a one-time production. These models aren’t manufactured now.

      Example: Delta Boeing 737-100 Reg N305DQ

      7. Gemini General Aviation 1:72

      Depicting the general aviation aircraft, Gemini General Aviation 1:72 has featured GeminiJets 1:72 Cessna 172 Skyhawk N926MN with different registration and liveries. Cessna 172 Skyhawk is an American aircraft that uses a tricycle undercarriage and is one of the most successful aircraft in history in terms of longevity and popularity. Simply, general aviation includes non-scheduled air transport services done for hire. Examples: sightseeing, recreational flying, aerial firefighting, etc.

      8. GeminiKitz

       They are the 1:400 diecast snap model kits of commercial airline jets that contain enough hardware for both front and rear brakes.

      9. Gemini Airport

      Being a world-class brand of collectible diecast aircraft models, GeminiJets has introduced the world’s advanced 1:400 scale Delux airport terminal. It integrates the features of the world’s most popular airport facilities into one design. The airport terminal set is designed to be used with Airport Mat Set, which allows collectors to have a complete display at a minimum price. The airport terminal set of Gemini features a 1:400 scale with rooftop LED lighting three pieces contemporary airport with resin construction to ensure high durability.

      Several movable passenger air bridges and multi-level architecturally enhanced construction details help avoid tedious assembly. There are also airline stickers that can be customized. The all-new 1:400 scale Delux airport terminal is a pre-finished model that has an easy setup, measuring 19″x15″x11″ (48cm x 38cm x 28cm). The rooftop LED lighting makes the airport spectacular for overnight departures and arrivals. The pre-constructive one-piece airport terminal has sweeping corrugated overhangs and sleek and linear facades.

      • GeminiJets 1:400 Scale Airport Mat
      • GeminiJets 1:400 set of 6 narrowbody airbridges
      • GeminiJets 1:400 set of 3 double/widebody airbridges
      • GeminiJets 1:400 scale deluxe Gate Airport Terminal

        Gemini also provides accessories for its customers, including Gemini250 Chrome Stand, Gemini200 Airport Service Vehicle, Gemini200 US Airways COBUS 3000, GeminiJets 1:400 Aircraft Maintenance Scaffolding, etc.

        Gemini Jets Wear offers a New Era Cap/Black logo, a Black T-shirt/white logo, White T-shirt/Black logo in medium and large sizes.

        Over its history, the Las Vegas-based brand has manufactured more than 3000 different model aircraft, typically releasing a new batch of Gemini precision every five weeks. Gemini is an excellent choice for those seeking actual aircraft-resembling models.  

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