German Wings’ F/O Andreas Desired To Be Famous In The World

Airbus 320 of German Wings possessing flight number 4U9525 with 144 passengers and Six crew members on board crashed while flying from Barcelona to Dusseldorf in the Southern French Alps. Flight 4U9525 dropped its altitude from 38,000ft to 6,925ft  and vanished from radar killing all the people on board.


While probing the real cause behind the crash, Investigators have proved that First Officer(F/O) Andreas Lubtiz is solely responsible for the crash as he locked the cockpit door of the plane so that Captain couldn’t access to the cockpit and he would give rise to his intentions. According to the Ex-Girlfriend of Andreas, Andreas had told her that he will do such a thing by which every citizen of this world will know him forever.

It has also been reported that Andreas was a patient of depression and had been taking the medicine for the treatment. He hadn’t even informed German Wings about his mental problem and they were unknown that he had been taking medicine.

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